LLM Advanced Studies in European and International Business Law

Leiden University

Program Description

LLM Advanced Studies in European and International Business Law

Leiden University

The Master of Laws in Advanced Studies programme in European and International Business Law is a high-level, demanding postgraduate programme in the field of international and European law.

The programme is designed for law graduates, or graduates with a sufficient background in law, who wish to pursue advanced studies to specialise in the area of business law from a perspective of international and European Law.

Limited Places Available

Please note there are a limited number of places available on this Master of Laws: Advanced Studies Programme. Due to the large number of applications we receive each academic year, we cannot guarantee places for suitable candidates who submit their applications after the maximum number of students have been accepted into the programme. However, since not all students accepted into the programme actually take up the offer, places do often became available at a later point in time. Applicants will be informed when we are full and will be given the option of being placed on a waiting list, subject to a place becoming available at a later date.

Selection of applicants will take into account the aim of diversity in nationalities in the student body for each programme year as pluralism and interaction between students with different background enhance the Adv. EIBL learning experience.


The programme addresses the practical effects of the co-existence of business law at different levels, e.g. of the regional trade law of the European Union with the global or near-global trade law of the World Trade Organization, as well as with national law in this field. In this way, it takes its cue from the Leiden Law School’s research programme “Securing the Rule of Law in a World of Multi-level Jurisdiction”.

Distinguishing features of the programme

The essence of the Advanced Studies programme in European and International Business Law is on the impact of the law of the EU on government and enterprises in a global economy, and its repercussions on, and interaction with, other international institutions, in particular the World Trade Organization. The programme comprises those areas where the impact of the EU is the strongest.

A number of European Law or Business Law-orientated degree programmes exist worldwide, yet the Leiden programme possesses some unique characteristics. Firstly, it has a clearly defined focus on the interaction of international, European and national law, with a deliberate choice of compulsory courses, thus allowing for depth of study and coherence of the subject matter chosen. A second distinction is that, without neglecting academic levels, Leiden pays specific attention to professional applications, particularly through its assignments and teaching methods.

Difference between Master of Laws: Advanced Studies programme and the regular LL.M. programme

The Advanced Studies programme differs from the regular master’s programme (i.e. the regular programme in European Law offered by the Leiden Law School) both in its focus and in its level of teaching and learning. The Advanced Studies programme focuses on European Law from a business perspective, as seen against the background of international law. The regular master’s programme focuses on European Law only and within this field provides a more general perspective (e.g. by including courses on Constitutional Law and Human Rights).

The regular programme is part of the standard Dutch law curriculum, and is a required programme for Dutch students wishing to gain the right to legal practice in the Netherlands. The regular programme is also accessible for international students (and attracts many!), aimed at those coming in directly after completing their bachelor ‘s programme.

In terms of level of study, the Advanced Studies programme is substantially more in-depth and demanding. In just one academic year it offers a thorough and focused education on European and International Business Law. The Advanced Studies programme is specifically designed for excellent students at an advanced level and for qualified lawyers who wish to enhance their career prospects. It caters exclusively to this select and limited group of advanced students who in this way benefit from close contact with their professors as well as their fellow students. The students in the Advanced Studies programme come from different continents and countries, thus contributing to a truly international study environment.

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Advanced Master European and International Buisiness Law

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