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LLM Commercial Law

The Master of Laws degree commonly known as the LL.M., is an advanced graduate law degree. Candidates often already hold a first degree in law and are interested in furthering their studies of the law. Obtaining an LL.M. possesses a number of distinct advantages.

When a law student gains the sense that he or she would be able to find a fulfilling career in the field of business and commerce, taking courses for an LLM in commercial law is often a great start.    

The Netherlands is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, consisting of twelve provinces in North-West Europe and three islands in the Caribbean. English speaking students will have no problems finding suitable courses. For international students applying to universities in the Netherlands, several scholarships are available.

Top Law Degrees in LLM Commercial Law in Netherlands 2016/2017

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LLM Advanced Studies in International Civil and Commercial Law

Leiden University
Campus Full time Part time 1 - 2  September 2017 Netherlands Leiden + 1 more

This Master of Laws Advanced Studies programme is aimed at both legal professionals and top graduates who wish to acquire in-depth knowledge into the field of civil and commercial law from a truly international perspective. [+]

Best Master of Laws Degrees in LLM Commercial Law in Netherlands 2016/2017. Rapid globalisation In this programme, you will gain in-depth knowledge of civil and commercial law in the context of the current rapid globalisation. You will study transnational sources of hard law and soft law, as well as relevant case law. The programme also addresses the comparative side of international civil and commercial law in both theory and practice. It focuses in particular on the differences between common law and civil law and between certain domestic legal systems. Interaction of laws International civil and commercial law is a complex and multi layered judicial discipline, dealing with different levels of international, EU and national laws that co-exist and interact with one another. As a graduate of this programme, you will be equipped with the skills to fully understand these intertwined layers and to apply this knowledge to domain-specific problems in legal practice. For whom? This advanced studies programme is designed for ambitious: international and Dutch legal professionals international and Dutch top-graduates Interested? If you would like to know more, please get in touch or visit the programme page on our website: [-]

LLM - Dutch Law

Maastricht University, Faculty of Law
Campus Full time 1 year September 2017 Netherlands Maastricht

The Master's degree in Dutch Law, the general Master's for bachelors Dutch law. The combination of a Bachelor's and Master Dutch law is the [+]

LLM - Dutch Law

Language of instruction: Dutch

The Master's degree in Dutch Law, the general Master's for bachelors Dutch law. The combination of a bachelor and master Dutch Law is the ideal base if you want to continue in the legal profession or the judiciary. The master Dutch Law at Maastricht includes, besides a number of targeted training profiles a variety of electives from which you can create your program at their discretion.


Training is certainly not only nationally oriented. Netherlands comes as a Member State of Europe and the blurring borders, increasingly coming into contact with foreign laws and regulations. You therefore receive all profiles that are offered in making these master with international law. You look across borders for example, by comparing legal systems of different countries and delve into European law. All this is done in an inspiring and active environment according to the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) where UM is known for. If you opt for the Master's degree in Dutch Law at Maastricht University, then choose a program with a stimulating teaching, a personal approach and a lot of (international) career. Depending on the profile you have chosen, you can work not only after completion of this master as a lawyer for many organizations, you can also opt for a subsequent training as a lawyer, prosecutor or judge.... [-]

LLM Commercial and Company Law

Erasmus School of Law - Erasmus University Rotterdam
Campus Full time 12 months August 2017 Netherlands Rotterdam

Because of the unique combination of two jurisdictions, both international corporate law and commercial law, the master Commercial & Company Law provides a comprehensive overview of the company law field. [+]

Best Master of Laws Degrees in LLM Commercial Law in Netherlands 2016/2017. Are you ready to study the legal aspects of doing business in an international setting?
This programme focuses on developments and practical problems from a comparative law perspective and pays attention to the differences in approach and outcome between civil and common law jurisdictions. Because of the unique combination of two jurisdictions, both international corporate law and commercial law, the master Commercial & Company Law provides a comprehensive overview of the company law field. Being located in the biggest port city of Europe the programme enables you to participate in company visits to see how things work in practice. The LL.M. programme Commercial and Company Law provides you with a unique combination of specialist courses in the field of company and commercial law, and with general courses in European Private Law and comparative private law. You are educated by excellent teaching staff. They have both a solid (international) academic background as a wealth of experience from commercial and legal practise. You study in one of the leading commercial centre and largest ports of Europe, which means you will often go “on-site” to see how things work in practice. Our graduates have great job perspectives! 
What aspects does the programme cover? Company Law
 The two main pillars of the Study Programme are 1. Company Law and 2. Commercial Law. The Company Law pillar focuses upon the main topics of corporate governance. Issues such as the functioning of the board of directors, shareholder rights and cross-border voting and some aspects of European labour law will be comprehensively discussed. Attention is also given to the EC-directives on the freedom of establishment, national and cross-border mergers, take over bids, representation, supra national companies and the Societas Europaea. Commercial Law
 The Commercial Law pillar consists of courses detailing the risks of international trade, how these risks can be allocated (e.g. by means of documents of title) and how they may be averted or minimized. 
Its focus is the individual contracts on which the cooperation between the multitude of businesses involved in an international sale of goods transaction is based as well as the legal foundations of these transactions. Such contracts include contracts of insurance, financing and payment, transport, storage and logistics. The legal foundations upon which this contractual cooperation rests include rights of ownership, security rights in goods, rules on liability, intellectual property rights and, due to the international nature of the dealings, guidelines as to which law applies and which court may be addressed. Practical skills
The Master Commercial Law distinguishes itself from other LL.M. programmes in Business law by putting an emphasis on private legal relationships, the balance between commercial law, corporate law and procedural law courses. 
Based in the port of Rotterdam, this programme educates legal professionals that are to become well versed in both Commercial and Company Law. Due to its position in the centre of a large trade hub the programme is able to offer you many opportunities for exploration of trade in practice by combining the theory that is taught with on-site visits and workshops. [-]