SiLS / Bond LL.M. Dual Award Program

Swiss International Law School

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SiLS / Bond LL.M. Dual Award Program

Swiss International Law School

What is the SiLS/Bond LL.M. Dual Award Program about?

SiLS and Bond University, Gold Coast/Australia are offering a Dual Award Program by considering that SiLS and Bond LL.M. are broadly equivalent. By successfully completing half of the respective Modules/Subjects required under each of the two LL.M. programs students will receive both LL.M. degrees.

Where and how is the program taught?

Whereas the SiLS LL.M. Modules are taught entirely online, the Bond LL.M. will be delivered in Australia at the Bond University Gold Coast Campus.

Who is eligible for the program?

Any student who is enrolled in the SiLS LL.M. can apply to enroll in the Bond LL.M. and vice versa. Because of Australian visa requirements, the SiLS Student must have completed at least two SiLS Modules before they commence the Bond LL.M. However, application to the Bond LL.M. may occur while still undertaking the SiLS Modules. The Bond Student need not have completed any Bond Subjects before they commence the SiLS LL.M., and Bond Subjects and SiLS Modules may be undertaken contemporaneously.

How will the academic year and transition be organized?

Whereas SiLS semesters commence in August and February, Bond semesters commence in January, May and September. SiLS students completing the necessary two SiLS Modules in December can usually commence the Bond LL.M. in May or later, and those completing in June can usually commence the Bond LL.M. in September or later.

How is the tuition arrangement?

Students will pay the relevant fees to the institution at which they undertake the subjects and/or modules, the tuition fees of both institutions being roughly equivalent.

What can you benefit from the program?

Combine your online studies at SiLS with a half-year on site experience at the Bond University Gold Coast Campus.

Additionally to your SiLS LL.M. degree a LL.M. degree earn a LL.M. from the well renowned and respected Bond University, Gold Coast/Australia.

Enhance your network while keeping all the benefits the SiLS LL.M. offers to you.

How can you apply?

If you have not yet applied for your LL.M. at either of the institutions: Follow the normal application procedure for the SiLS LL.M. program and select ‘SiLS LL.M. (Bond Dual Award Program)’ as your choice of program to start your LL.M. online at SiLS and carry on your studies in the second half of your LL.M. on site at Bond University. If you want to go the other way around and start your studies on site at Bond University and carry on your studies in the second half of your LL.M. online at SiLS please follow the application procedure for the LL.M. program at Bond University.

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