How to Save Time During the LSAT
October 18, 2017

Timing is critical. Knowledge is critical. Want to save time on the LSAT? Know your stuff. Let’s take a look at five strategies to save time during the exam.

Five Reasons Lawyers Should Answer the Call to Code
April 27, 2016
Patents. Mergers and acquisitions. Legal history. Copyright. Income tax. Securities regulation. Coding. Insert record-scratching sound here. Coding? While understanding the ins and outs of building computer software might not make the list of things you expect to learn in law school, the fact is tha...

Why Should Business Students Study Law?
April 8, 2016
Business students may think that a traditional MBA includes everything they'll need to start, run, and lead the businesses of the future. But many business students are  unaware of  the legal aspects that are vital to business success. We have the inside scoop from experts, so read on to f...

Everything You Need to Know about Law Studies
May 6, 2015
More and more popular, law degrees offer a highly reputable career and both the intellectual challenge and human interest. But what are law studies exactly?  

3 Good Ways to Fund Your Education
May 6, 2015
Internationally, the cost of college is on the rise. In the space of just two years college costs in the United States rose 15 percent. Across North America, Europe and South America protests have erupted as students have sought after different ways to pay for rising tuition costs. There are many w...


November 21, 2017

Students choose law careers for a variety of reasons, including everything from wanting to change the world to the desire for a high salary. Now comes...

November 14, 2017

Supporters and critics alike have their reasons when it comes to the American Bar Association’s proposal on passing the bar. Let’s take a ...

November 9, 2017

Harvard Law School is not exactly known for blindly following the example of others. In fact, the top law school has recently been recognized for its ...