BA in International Taxation and Law


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BA in International Taxation and Law

In the subject of the taxation, international networking has not been unaffected. Increasingly, taxation questions are having to be answered from an international context, whether it be from the viewpoint of a company or the law. The course "International Taxation and Law“ is therefore taught completely in English. The contents of the course are predominantly targeted at global alignment and are oriented on the most important taxation questions in a national and international context. In the first semester, fundamental contents are taught for national taxation, which is supplemented starting from the second semester with modules on the most important international tax topics.

In order to guarantee a comprehensive theoretical foundation, international business economic subjects relating to taxation and law are also taught. Additionally, legal and sociological aligned modules round off the extensive course programme. Soft skills and the application of modern computer technology within the area of taxation, as well as experimental economic research, guarantee a modern didactic programme.

This distinguishes our graduates from others, and makes them extremely well qualified and suited for a successful future career!

Alongside the classical standard economical and taxation topics, the foundation course also teaches the analytical skills and a fundamental knowledge of social sciences. The main course follows in the fourth and fifth university semesters. The student can select obligatory subjects with regards to their individual future vocation Here the student can select subjects with more focus on auditing or taxation from an economic or legislative point of view. In the sixth semester, the student completes a practical semester (internship), or gains related experience abroad. We, of course, advise the student regarding the range of possibilities open to them, and give support in the selection of the right option, especially in regards to a semester abroad. The seventh and last semester is dedicated to the Bachelor thesis. Here, we also recognize the importance of proximity to practical experience and co-operation with companies in the private sector. In addition to the block, courses impart the necessary skills to produce the final papers. The course is finalized with a colloquium!

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