Bachelor of Law


Program Description

The Bachelor of Law Program (BLaw) at Dar Al-Hekma is recognized nationally and internationally for producing graduates who are ready to compete in an exciting and demanding professional market.

Program Mission

To graduate outstanding law professionals equipped with the essential ethical values, knowledge, and skills in Saudi, Shari’ah and international law.

Why Choose Bachelor of Law Program at Dar Al-Hekma University?

  • The Bachelor of Law (BLaw) program at Dar Al-Hekma University is the first law program for women in Saudi Arabia that has a dual-language curriculum in law. Since its inception in 2007, the program has been offering courses in general law and Sharia law, in both English and Arabic.
  • In addition, the BLaw program is the first program in the Kingdom's West region that teaches international law. Combining theory and skills courses, the legal studies curriculum enables students to learn Saudi law, Sharia law, and international law. Students also learn legal drafting in both Arabic and English. After completing the required core curriculum, students have the opportunity to choose elective courses that complement and meet their individual interests and career goals.
  • Dar Al-Hekma Law students consistently perform well at the international level. For example, the BLaw program is the only law school that has represented the Kingdom in international arbitration competitions, and the school's team has been crowned the best in the Middle East for the past several years.
  • The faculty of the BLaw program have received education at esteemed universities around the world. They represent a variety of backgrounds, nationalities, and research interests, providing students with international perspectives while studying in the Kingdom.
  • The unique and rich environment of the University allows its female students to develop confidence and poise in making oral and written legal arguments and critical examinations.
  • Graduates of the BLaw program work in international law firms and pursue post-graduate studies at prestigious schools and universities around the world.

Career Prospects

Students graduating from the program can have:

  • Careers as a Lawyer at a local firm in Saudi Arabia;
  • Careers as a Lawyer at an international firm in Saudi Arabia or abroad;
  • Careers as an In-house lawyer or legal advisor at public or private business or other organization;
  • Careers as a Ministry employee;
  • Careers as a Civil Servant;
  • Careers as an Analyst for Intergovernmental Organization;
  • Careers as a Political Appointee;
  • Careers as a University Professor (following graduate studies).

Last updated September 2019

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