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Program Description

Are you interested in a scientifically sound and job market-oriented legal degree with which you can quickly get into practice? Would you like to acquire not only legal knowledge, but also in-depth knowledge of business administration? With this course to become a commercial lawyer, you get a solid basis for your individual professional goals. It meets the requirements of the economy because it trains generalists capable of specializing in a practical and contemporary way to become a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.).

Practical orientation is the focus of the entire course. You develop solutions to problems and apply both legal and business knowledge. Action-oriented thinking is a prerequisite for this. The content of the course is coordinated with representatives of the economy right from the start, geared towards operational needs and is constantly optimized, also taking gender-specific aspects into account.

Type of study: Full time
Duration of study: 7 semesters
Lecture language: German
Graduation: Bachelor of Laws
ECTS: 210
next start of studies: each winter semester
Application deadline: 07/15/2021

Business lawyer study goal

Study business law and learn how to apply legal knowledge to business problems in a practical way and how to solve them in business contexts. Business lawyers are sought-after combination strategists. Practice-oriented legal training is the focus of the course with 60 percent of the courses. In doing so, value is placed on a close connection with economic content, which comprises around 20 percent of the courses. By concentrating on economically relevant areas of law, there is enough time to impart key qualifications (approx. 20 percent) such as foreign languages, IT skills and social skills, taking gender-specific characteristics into account.

Business lawyer course structure

Business law studies in seven semesters. The bachelor's degree course imparts the ability to apply legal knowledge in a practical manner to business and administrative law problems and to solve these in business contexts. Practice-oriented legal education is the focus of the course with over 50 percent of the courses. In doing so, value is placed on a close connection with economic content, which comprises around 30 percent of the courses. By concentrating on business-relevant areas of law, there is enough time to impart key qualifications in around 20 percent of the courses.

Business lawyer course of studies

In the first three semesters, basic knowledge of law and economics is imparted. In the subsequent in-depth study, you have to choose two of the four major subjects offered. In addition to legal and economic expertise, indispensable key qualifications such as foreign languages, information technology, rhetoric and negotiation are taught right from the start and deepened in additional social skills courses. The sixth semester of the commercial law studies course is reserved for a company internship of at least 20 weeks between March 1st and September 30th and can also be completed abroad. The bachelor thesis should be written in the course of the seventh semester.

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Major fields of study in business law studies

Studying business law and becoming a specialist through specializations. The following majors are possible as part of the bachelor's degree:

  • Operation and Taxes
  • Restructuring and bankruptcy management
  • Business and Administration
  • Personnel management, labor and social law

Information on the internship semester

The Faculty of Business Law specifically prepares its students for professional practice. That is why a practical semester is a central component of the course. A twenty-week practical semester is planned for the sixth semester. Here the students apply their legal and economic knowledge in business practice or in public administration and thus gain valuable experience. They are supported by accompanying courses and individual coaching. Experience has shown that after a short training period, the interns are able to carry out qualified business law work independently.

Organization of the internship

Every student has to look for a suitable training position for the respective internship. We urgently recommend that you try to find a suitable internship in good time. Internships abroad, in particular, require a long lead time.

Before starting the internship, please hand in the completed internship contract to the internship supervisor so that the internship can be checked and approved.

No internship or practical semester

The practical semester is a compulsory component for all business law students. A recognition of training and previous internships does not take place. In this way we can guarantee that our studies are practical.

Internship supervisor

During the entire internship, the students will be supported by a professor of your choice who will support you with problems and questions during the internship. If you have any questions, you can contact the general internship supervisor Prof. Dr. Record Mathias Ulbrich.

Looking for an internship

Unfortunately, we cannot take on the direct placement of internship positions. If you have any difficulties finding a suitable internship, please contact Prof. Dr. Mathias Ulbrich, who is at your side with his experience.

Supervision during the business law studies

Introductory days

For the freshmen, the course begins with the introductory days. These are organized and carried out by the student council. Here the new business law students get a first practical overview of the process, the formalities and the organization of the course. In groups of 12, the students get to know the campus with the most important facilities, get useful information about the city and the surrounding area and get to know each other better.

Small group principle

During the business law degree, the students are specifically supervised by professors in various sections. Here, too, the group size usually does not exceed 12 students, so that quality individual support is possible.

Student Council

If you have any questions or problems related to studying to become a commercial lawyer, the Student Council of the Faculty of Business Law is also available. More detailed information can be found on the student council's homepage.

Admission requirements and application

In order to study business law, you must have a general university entrance qualification, subject-specific university entrance qualification or technical college entrance qualification. If you have any questions about other access authorizations, please contact the Central Student Advisory Service.

The course to become a business lawyer begins in the winter semester. Switching from other business law courses is possible. You can apply until July 15th.

Professional prospects for the business law graduate

We are looking for business lawyers: There is an urgent need in business for employees who have in-depth legal knowledge and who are also proficient in the most important areas of economics and business administration.

The professional fields of employment of business lawyers are activities in the private and public economy, which are characterized by a strong link between legal and business management tasks. You will get to know a variety of interesting areas of responsibility with demanding questions and ever new challenges. Corresponding to their interdisciplinary training, possible areas of employment for commercial lawyers are not only the legal departments, but above all the commercial departments of companies in the areas of finance and taxes, industry, trade, banking, insurance, human resources, procurement and sales.

Fields of application:

  • Industrial, commercial and service companies
  • Credit institutions and banks
  • Financial service providers such as leasing and factoring companies
  • Accountants and auditors
  • insurance company
  • Business associations
  • Real estate companies
  • public administrations
  • Mediation and arbitration
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Die Hochschule Schmalkalden ist eine Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften in Thüringen. Sie liegt idyllisch am Rande des Thüringer Waldes. Der grüne Campus zählt zweifellos zu einem der schönsten in Thüringen und Deutschland. Read less