Certificate in Australasian Law

Top Certificates in Australasian Law 2019

Pursuing a certificate program can be a smart choice for students at all levels, and is often required for entry into higher-level degree programs in specialized subjects. A certificate program is often shorter than degree programs, providing a highly-concentrated education on a specific topic.

Many ask “What is a certificate in Australasian Law?” The term “Australasian” refers to the region comprising New Zealand, Australian, and nearby Pacific islands. Some also include New Guinea in the definition. Australasian law is concerned with the laws and practices governing this region, and a certificate in Australasian law offers practitioners of law the foundations and credentials needed to practice law in any of the countries within the region. Pursuing this certificate can be essential to establishing a professional career.

In a certificate program for Australasian law, it is possible to gain valuable knowledge of international law principles that can serve throughout practitioners’ careers. Other key skills include insightful research and the ability to analyze and contextualize data against case law and standards.

The cost of attaining certification depends on the awarding institute and the length of the program. Longer programs at more prestigious institutions may cost more, while shorter programs at local schools may be more affordable.

With a certificate in this program, it is possible to move directly into a career as a practicing lawyer. However, skills as a lawyer can also be useful in other roles—including positions as a clerk of courts, legal secretary, internal corporate counsel, or mediator. Knowledge of the law can also be used at a political level, providing insight into the inner workings and legalities of political systems necessary to leadership and governance. Those with knowledge of Australasian law can also take on diplomatic roles such as working as arbitrator on foreign treaties.

Students may choose a local university or institution to attain their certification, or they may seek study abroad or online. To find out more information on a certificate in Australasian law, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Graduate Certificate in Australian Law

University of Technology Sydney
Campus Full time Part time 0.5 - 1 year January 2019 Australia Sydney + 1 more

The Graduate Certificate in Australian Law is designed to permit appropriately qualified lawyers from common law jurisdictions outside Australia to satisfy the academic requirements for admission as a lawyer of the Supreme Court of NSW. [+]

The course allows lawyers from common law jurisdictions to meet the academic requirements to practise in Australia.

Career options include lawyer in NSW within a government or corporate department, private law firm or community law centre, providing students also undertake a course in practical legal training such as the Graduate Certificate in Professional Legal Practice (C11232).