Certificate in European Law

Top Certificates in European Law 2018/2019

European Law

In many instances, obtaining a certificate in a specific subject is necessary to legally work in that practice area. Professional certifications are a critical part of degree attainment and ongoing professional education, often acting as a supplemental pathway toward expertise in a key specialty.

What is a certificate in European law? Specifically, it is a certificate program that focuses on the intricate details of European law for both individual countries and encompassing legal structures such as the European Union. Certificate coursework can also cover international law and how European law pertains to international law and relations. This can cover a number of practice areas, from business law to mergers, acquisitions, and competition law. The goal is to provide a solid foundation for generalist education in European legal matters.

The program also offers a number of invaluable skillsets, including international and intercultural communications. These skills provide a foundation for a strong career, allowing students to gain a solid practical framework in legal analysis and business operations.

Certificate programs may change by school, both in cost and in length. Individual institutions will provide more information on the duration of the program and the associated costs, including those for supplementary materials and textbooks.

After completing a certificate in European law, students have a number of options for career paths. Many may choose to go directly into practicing law as attorneys in European courts. Those with bilingual or multilingual experience may transfer their skills into roles as translators and interpreters working with legal documents and communications. Additionally, European law studies can lead to roles in program management, policy development, and social outreach with the European Union or other key European organizations.

Many of these certificate programs offer international education at multiple sites to increase cross-cultural exposure, but others offer courses at one specific geographic site or online. To find more information, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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