Top Certificates in Jurisprudence 2019

A certificate is a unique academic award that can be pursued before a degree, after a degree or during a career, depending on the level of the program. Certificate programs usually take a year or less to complete.

What is a certificate in jurisprudence? It is an educational program focused on the theory of law. Certificates often look at specific aspects of the legal system to give participants a thorough understanding of one facet of the field. Students may be able to choose their focus or the university may decide it for them. The exact courses required for the certificate can vary depending on the academic level of the program as well as the university attended. Some course examples include legal philosophy, courts and social policy, and foundations in law and economics.

Students who take a certificate in jurisprudence often come away with skills that make them attractive job candidates. Certain skills, such as communication, problem-solving and organization, can even help people become more successful in their private lives.

Certificates don’t have a universal cost, so it can be hard for applicants to get an accurate estimate. In fact, the only sure way to get a reliable quote on tuition is to contact a school or schools directly.

A deeper understanding of jurisprudence can help students jumpstart their careers in the legal field. Of course, there is no one career path available after graduation. Instead, it depends on the graduates’ previous education and other work experience. Some participants have gone on to become legal research analysts, judges, law advisors, lawyers and legal sciences consultants. The knowledge and skills gained throughout the certificate program could even serve as a foundation for more education.

You can take certificates at universities all over the world. In fact, some programs are offered online. To get more information, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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1 Results in Jurisprudence

University of Technology Sydney

Practical legal training (PLT) is a mandatory requirement for admission to practise law in NSW and UTS was the first university in Sydney to offer a PLT qualification. ... [+]

Students in the Graduate Certificate in Professional Legal Practice experience university-standard teaching combined with interactive content and practice-oriented exercises that bridge the gap between legal knowledge and professional practice. They develop the advanced knowledge and skills required for a legal career, including judgement, adaptability and an ethical mindset. This course is offered online (with minimal attendance for assessments) and on campus. On completion of this course, students are eligible for admission as a lawyer to the Supreme Court of NSW, provided they have also completed a relevant academic qualification.

Career options include lawyer, provided graduates have fulfilled all other academic requirements.... [-]

Australia Sydney
January 2020
0.5 - 1 year