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If you are enrolled in a college program, you need to choose which courses you will take. Some courses are required, while students have some control over others. Most courses last for one semester, which is a few months. However, some courses require a longer or shorter amount of time.

What is a course in jurisprudence? The field of jurisprudence is focused on the philosophy and morals of law. It involves the nature and logic of legal reasoning and how these aspects affect law as a whole. Courses in jurisprudence incorporate information from general law, as well as philosophy, creating a unique field of study. Courses of this type are common or required in legal programs.

Jurisprudence is a field that combines several different fields, so studying it can help you develop many different beneficial skills likely to help your career. These skills may include an understanding of philosophy and morals, the ability to conduct research or form arguments, and critical-thinking and evaluation skills.

It is important to realize that the cost of enrolling in any one course varies. This is due to many different factors, the biggest being the specific school, program, and country you are in. Research all these aspects before you enroll, and be sure to ask about scholarships, grants and other types of financial assistance.

The most common career path for those studying jurisprudence is lawyer. Taking a course on this subject may help you gain a more balanced view of the legal field. Before you can become a lawyer, you will likely need to enter a legal secretary or paralegal position. It may also be possible to become a writer or politician with a background in jurisprudence.

A strong education begins by finding the right program to suit your specific needs. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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7 Results in Jurisprudence

Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Four-week, summer introduction to U.S. common law and U.S. legal research, writing and analysis, and an opportunity to improve legal English language skills. ... [+]

The Summer Language and Law Institute is an intensive four-week training experience exclusively for foreign legal professionals and students.

The institute is designed to:

Introduce students to the practice and study of law in the U.S.; Provide students with a practical introduction to U.S. legal research and analysis; and Improve students' English language skills through an integrated English for Legal Purposes program.

Conducted daily at the School of Law, which is located on the scenic urban campus of Case Western Reserve University in the cultural hub of Cleveland's University Circle, the institute is an advanced program intended to broaden and polish foreign students' already strong English communication skills while introducing them to American common law practice and preparing them for the rigors of American law school study.... [-]

USA Cleveland
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4 weeks
Suffolk University Law School

The Legal English Institute is open to all international Suffolk Master of Laws students to ensure they have the tools needed to transition successfully to LLM coursework ... [+]

The Legal English Institute is open to all international Suffolk Master of Laws students to ensure they have the tools needed to transition successfully to LLM coursework.

This three-week intensive course is designed to introduce you to the US legal system while focusing on the specific language and academics skills you'll need to be successful at an American Bar Association (ABA) accredited law school.

Suffolk Law is one of only a few law schools in the country offering a special language program exclusively for LLM students. The Institute is led by an experienced international business lawyer who is also a certified instructor in English for speakers of other languages. ... [-]

USA Boston
September 2019
3 weeks
Florida Coastal School of Law

This two-credit course teaches foreign lawyers the rules of Professional Responsibility, including state and ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct and leading federal a ... [+]

Professional Responsibility

This two-credit course teaches foreign lawyers the rules of Professional Responsibility, including state and ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct and leading federal and state case law on the subject. The course will delve into the history, goals, structure, values, rules, and responsibilities of the United States legal profession and its members.This course is an examination of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct from two main perspectives: the obligation of the legal profession to society and the obligation of the lawyer to the client and the court. Advertising by lawyers, solicitation of clients, specialization, conflicts of interest, competence, and legal malpractice are covered. The course will cover the California Rules of Professional Conduct and the California Business and Professions Code. The course is taught in an entirely asynchronous, online format.... [-]

USA Jacksonville
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1 semester
University of Johannesburg

These short study programmes have been specifically developed to address the needs that have been identified in the workplace. Dedicated commitment is required from perso ... [+]

“Outstanding lawyers and a sound legal system are prerequisites of any civilized society. The legal system provides the rules within which the state’s administration, the business world, individuals, and organizations, indeed the whole community operate. In any country in which the law reigns supreme, lawyers must apply legal rules and act as watchdogs to ensure that everyone adheres to the norms of society. Because the law plays an immense and far-reaching role, legal studies cover a wide and exciting field: the rules of the tough business world and the business entities operating within it, the protection of human rights, intimate family relationships, the prosecution of criminals and the conclusions of contracts, to name but a few.” These are the words of the dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof LG Mpedi.... [-]

South Africa Johannesburg
February 2020
Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen

All of our courses are designed to impart knowledge in the highly popular fields of international and comparative law. The courses, all of them are taught in English, com ... [+]

Law Courses in Jurisprudence. Welcome to the U.S.-German Summer Law School Spend your summer in the Heart of Europe

The Faculty of Law at Justus Liebig University Giessen, the Marquette University Law School and the University of Wisconsin Law are looking forward to host students from all over the world for the 11th U.S.-German Summer Law School in Giessen.

The program combines high-quality teaching with a wide range of cultural and social activities.

During the four weeks in Giessen, students will study in a familiar atmosphere and meet excellent lecturers and practitioners from all over the world. Besides, they have the opportunity to attend a German language course offered at different levels.... [-]

Germany Giessen
July 2019
4 weeks
Center for International Legal Studies

This 1-credit course provides a survey of the American legal system, how it is organized, and how it works. ... [+]

Introduction to the United States Legal System

This 1-credit course provides a survey of the American legal system, how it is organized, and how it works. It is particularly relevant for laypersons and for lawyers who are not qualified in the United States. The purpose of the course is to provide a brief introduction to the American legal system. It is not intended to – and most assuredly will not – make you an expert in American law. It is best regarded as only a starting point, inviting you to more carefully explore areas of special interest to you in what is a complex legal system composed of many, many laws – federal and state – many, many courts – also federal and state. And many, many players – especially the many, many American lawyers, of whom there are 1.3-million. In this course, we will touch on the United States Constitution, the structure of the government, the organization and functions of the courts, and several cases. Administrative fee - US $30.... [-]

Austria Salzburg Hungary Budapest Poland Warsaw China Shanghai  + 4 More
October 2019
8 weeks
Brooklyn Law School

Responding to the educational needs and demands of the many applicants to LL.M. Programs for Foreign-Trained Lawyers who are interested in studying law in the United Stat ... [+]

Legal English Program

Brooklyn Law School’s new Legal Language Institute was established in recognition that the globalized legal community conducts business in many languages and requires an understanding of different legal cultures. The Institute’s educational programs will present opportunities for lawyers and students from abroad to sharpen their mastery of the language of American legal discourse. It will also give students the opportunity to study the legal culture and language of other countries.

The Institute will launch its educational activities with an intensive Legal English program, to be offered each July (see below). In the near future, the Institute will expand its activities to include courses for U.S. and foreign lawyers in the legal terminology and concepts of other legal languages, including German, Spanish, French, Russian, and Chinese. These courses will be open to BLS students and to members of the legal and business communities who are interested in honing their skills in the language and law of other legal cultures.... [-]

USA New York
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1 - 3 weeks