Diploma of Specialized Studies in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

The Catholic University of Bukavu organizes a DES (Diploma of Specialized Studies) in Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law through the Regional Center for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CERDHO) of the Faculty of Law . Enrollment in this program began and will continue until January 30, 2018.

The DES in Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law offer the following courses:

  • Human rights
  • IHL

The application must contain the following elements:

  • Letter of registration form addressed to the Vice-Rector Academic Affairs;
  • Certified copies of diplomas and transcripts certified to the original;
  • Detailed updated CV;
  • A passport photo;
  • Birth certificate (recent less than three months);
  • Certificate of Fitness (recent three months);
  • Certificate of good conduct, life, morals and civism (recent less than three months);
  • Recommendation of two professors;
  • Employer's recommendation for worker applications;
  • To have passed at least 65% in the second year of the license and an average of 60% on the whole university course.

Applications will be submitted either in hard copy at the Academic Services Office located at Bugabo, Mission Avenue, No. 2; either in electronic format at vraucb@ucbukavu.ac.cd



  • General Course on Public International Law 30 h
  • General Course of International Criminal Law 30 h
  • General Course on International Humanitarian Law 30 h
  • Substantive human rights law (Rights related to the autonomy of the individual and the collective dimensions of human rights) 60 h
  • Human Rights Protection Systems (national, regional and UN) 60 h
  • Right to a fair trial and pleadings before national and international criminal courts 30 h
  • Interdisciplinary approach to human rights (philosophical, historical, political and sociological) 45 h
  • Methodology of scientific research 30 h
  • English 30 h
  • Computer and IT 30 h


  • Right to Conduct of Hostilities 30 h
  • Rights of non-international armed conflicts and internal tensions and internal disturbances 30 h
  • Non-judicial Mechanisms for the Implementation of International Humanitarian Law 30 h
  • The place of victims and witnesses in the international criminal trial 30 h
  • International Humanitarian Law and Peacekeeping Forces 30 h
  • Special questions of international humanitarian law 30 h
  • International Humanitarian Law Seminar 30 h


  • Right to health 30 h
  • Human rights and sexual violence 30 h
  • Right to asylum and refugees 30 h
  • Right to protection of children 30 h
  • Gender and Human Rights 30 h
  • Human Rights and Development 30 h
  • African Human Rights System: Substantive and Institutional Law 30 h
  • Human Rights and Conflict Management 30 h
  • Special human rights questions 30 h
  • Human Rights Seminar 30 h
Program taught in:
  • French
This course is Campus based
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Sep 2019
Feb 2020
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Sep 2019, Feb 2020
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