Diploma in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Full-time or Part-time Study

In some professional situations, the opportunity or the need to undertake postgraduate study may be limited to obtain LL.M degree. For some participants, the need to engage in a postgraduate study may be restricted either to obtaining a broad understanding of the field or to focusing on the very specific subject matter. In still other cases, the demands of professional life may allow only shorter periods of study for obtaining a postgraduate qualification. For all these reasons, our postgraduate program also includes the possibility of the award of either a Diploma or Certificate in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law based on shorter periods of coursework study.

The Diploma can be awarded after successfully undertaking coursework (equivalent to 60 ECTS).

You will be requested to present on campus two months during six months of the semester if you are enrolled as a full-time student, and one month per six months of the semester, if you are a part-time student.

To apply for full-time or part-time study, please proceed with online application HERE.

Admission requirements:

1. A university degree in law or an equivalent qualification

  • a certified copy of the degree(s) in German, English or French must be submitted with the application form

2. Adequate aptitude in English, both spoken and written, to be able to read academic literature, write academic papers and engage competently in academic discourse; this can be satisfied be

  • a test result of at least 78 in TOEFL IBT, 210 in TOEFL CBT, 547 TOEFL paper, grade B in the Cambridge Advanced Certificate or an IELTS grade of at least 6; or
  • school education in English of at least four years’ duration; or
  • equivalent proof, e.g. residence in an English-speaking foreign country for a sufficient period; or clear evidence of being a native speaker of English

3. A high level of motivation to participate in the programme

  • a statement of motivation must be provided within the application form

4. At least one year’s practical professional experience

  • this must be demonstrated by submission of an appropriate certificate or other confirmation of a relevant employer or organization
  • exemptions from this requirement may be granted by the Examinations Committee

5. The support of two independent referees from two different institutions or organizations

  • confidential references must be provided on the form available from the website (see under Applications)

6. Payment of the tuition fees in accordance with the Fees Regulations of the Viadrina European University.

Further information can be obtained from Admission Office via email app-master-ihl@europa-uni.de

Program taught in:
  • English (US)

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This course is Campus based
Start Date
2 - 4 semesters
5,000 EUR
Full-time students: 4100 EUR
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