Executive LL.M. in International Business Law


Program Description

Gain advanced expertise in international business.

The BU Law Executive LLM in International Business Law Program brings together a global network of accomplished professionals from a broad range of legal practices, industries, and businesses. The program’s unique blended learning format combines two-week residency sessions in Boston and/or Budapest with online instruction, offering a level of flexibility that’s ideal for busy practitioners who seek advanced expertise but cannot attend a traditional nine-month residential program. The program is designed to provide you with a variety of scheduling options, and its courses are available both through the Executive LLM degree as well as through two certificates.

You’ll learn the key doctrines of international business practice from the US perspective—taught by members of BU Law’s regular teaching faculty—while you expand your international connections. BU Law’s Executive LLM Program offers an uncompromising executive experience. America’s top-ranked faculty deliver world-class training for cross-border work, on a convenient and flexible schedule.

The Executive LLM Program presents you with a unique opportunity to specialize in the core topics of international business practice, taught by members of America’s top law teaching faculty, and to do so through a flexible structure that accommodates the demands of your professional life. The Program blends world-class classroom instruction with innovative Internet-mediated learning in a way that meets the needs of today’s most qualified LLM candidates: busy global practitioners whose professional demands make it impossible to complete a traditional LLM residency in Boston.

The Program’s format allows you to begin with any of several residential sessions, or with multiple online offerings, all offered throughout the year. While most students will complete the program by enrolling in three sessions and taking two courses at a time, you are also able to take individual courses, either as a degree or a non-degree candidate. Our exciting course offerings provide you with the fundamentals of international business law and include optional course offerings such as US & International Intellectual Property and International Arbitration. We also offer these same cutting-edge courses in two non-degree certificates.

We offer three online concentrations as part of the ELLM: in Enterprise Risk Management & Compliance, International Taxation, and International Environmental & Energy Law. These online offerings allow you to complete the program with just two residential sessions. We are excited to present the Executive Program’s cutting-edge design as a desirable alternative to a traditional two-semester experience, and we are equally proud that the degree we grant is the same advanced law degree that Boston University has been conferring for over 120 years—a credential recognized throughout the world.

The Executive LLM experience that awaits you goes beyond superior classroom instruction and state-of-the-art distance learning. All students receive prearranged housing near campus for the duration of the residential program. Luncheons coupled with a colloquium series will bring in guest speakers while affording students the opportunity to interact and network with fellow international business law practitioners. Social and other events further enhance the residential experience, allowing you to become part of the Boston University School of Law community and forge important professional relationships. Most importantly, your experience is not limited to short-term Boston visits or online exchanges: it will last a lifetime, as you will join a worldwide alumni community of over 18,000 lawyers in more than 100 countries.

A world-class degree designed for today’s international practitioner.

BU Law’s Executive LL.M. in International Business Law program is a 20-credit blended learning graduate program that provides exposure to the core topics of international business practice. Highlights include:

Flexibility and customization

  • Complete the program in less than one year or take up to four years to graduate.
  • Fulfill your Boston or Budapest residencies in as little as one 6-week summer session, or distribute your 2-week on-campus modules over one year or several years, or complete one-third of the program entirely online.
  • Continue working while studying, thereby minimizing professional, personal, and financial disruption to you and your employer.

A true executive experience

  • Earn an internationally recognized LL.M. degree from one of America's leading law schools.
  • Learn from experts in the field, including members of BU Law’s regular teaching faculty, consistently ranked among the best in America.
  • Build upon your residential classroom experience with pre-session and post-session online learning created specifically for this program.
  • Connect to the worldwide alumni network of practicing BU Law graduates.

What is the cost of the Executive LLM Program?

Tuition is charged at a cost of $2,960/credit (2018-2019 academic year). To complete the program requires completion of twenty credits. Tuition includes accommodations, workshop luncheons, and selected social, educational and networking events. Airfare, laptops, course materials, and incidental expenses are not covered. There is a $60 student services fee added to the tuition charged for each module as well as a $60 per credit technology fee. Tuition and fees must be paid in full at time of registration for any individual course or session.

Admissions Qualifications

Eligible candidates will generally hold the first degree in law and will demonstrate a high level of English-proficiency. Priority will be given to candidates with notable professional experience and accomplishments. Exceptional candidates may be admitted without a law degree.

Last updated Aug 2019

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