Access roads

  • Baccalaureate and PAU or equivalent
  • Access to the University for over 25 years
  • Access to the University for over 45 years
  • Persons over 40 years of age with work or professional experience related to the requested studies
  • University graduates (Spanish degrees, EU or approved)
  • Graduates in professional training (Spanish degrees, EU or approved)


Its main objective is to guarantee that graduates know how to interpret, elaborate and apply legal instruments from an integral, competent and ethical position, in any of the areas that constitute the professional outputs of the degree.

Mainly it is directed to all those people that want to receive a superior legal formation to develop their professional competences, and that for it they need an academic modality especially flexible and adapted to the exigencies of their labor and social obligations.

This Bachelor, 4 years, is taught online in a modern virtual campus where not only will you find the updated syllabus, but also collaborative environments, where students and professors share ideas, doubts, solutions; All proposals that make interaction a facilitator of learning

Its main attraction is its sequential nature. The subjects are taken one by one and consecutively, so that the student can focus on each one with confidence. In addition, support sessions will be held to resolve doubts and strengthen knowledge.

Students who pass it satisfactorily will obtain an Official Bachelor Degree from the University Camilo José Cela. Due to this official nature, it allows access to the Official Master's Degree in access to the legal profession.


First course

  • Roman Law
  • History of Law and Institutions
  • Law teory
  • Politic science
  • RRII and Public International Law
  • Criminology
  • Science of Administration
  • Private right
  • Public Law
  • Economy and Business

Second course

  • Criminal Law I
  • Administrative Law I
  • Civil Law I
  • Constitutional right
  • EU law
  • Criminal Law II
  • Administrative Law II
  • Civil Law II
  • Ecclesiastical Law
  • Labor law

Third course

  • Procedural Law I
  • Financial law
  • Civil Law III
  • Commercial Law I
  • Rights to social security
  • Philosophy of Law
  • Procedural Law II
  • Tax Law
  • Commercial Law II
  • Private international right

Fourth grade

  • Transport Law and Road Safety
  • Law of the Police
  • Penitentiary Law
  • Right of Risk Prevention
  • Right of Security
  • Academic recognition of credits
  • External practices
  • Final degree project
Program taught in:
  • Spanish
Last updated July 9, 2019
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