International Business Law (LL.B.)


Program Description

The International Business Law course provides in-depth knowledge of international law and professional language skills. Due to the frequent work in an international environment, these are essential for business lawyers. First, you will receive basic training in business law and economics. You can design your own specialization within the framework of elective modules and by choosing a focus. Half of the compulsory elective modules must be completed in English. In addition, indispensable key qualifications are taught right from the start. The practical relevance is established through a 20-week internship abroad and you study for at least three months at a university abroad. This gives you a comprehensive degree for starting your professional life or for a postgraduate master’s degree.

Type of study: Full time
Duration of study: 7 semesters
Lecture language: Mostly German
Graduation: Bachelor of Laws
ECTS: 210
next start of studies: each winter semester
Application deadline: 07/15/2021

Structure of the Bachelor of Laws course

The 7-semester Bachelor of Laws program is divided into six elements:

  • Compulsory subjects (105 ECTS)
  • Elective subjects and key qualifications (30 ECTS, 15 of which in English)
  • Internship abroad in the 6th semester (30 ECTS)
  • Selection of a major (15 ECTS)
  • Study at a foreign university (18 ECTS)
  • Bachelor thesis in English (12 ECTS)

Bachelor of Laws majors

The students have the opportunity to set an individual focus in their Bachelor of Laws studies, depending on their professional goal. A seminar paper is to be prepared in the main subject, the content of which must be presented in a presentation. This course achievement is accompanied by a professor or a supervisor. The following focus areas are currently available for focus module I :

  • Operation and Taxes
  • Restructuring and bankruptcy management
  • Business and Administration
  • Personnel management, labor and social law

All students complete specialization module II “International Business and Law” at a partner university abroad.

Bachelor of Laws course of study

20 compulsory subjects form the basis of business law training for the Bachelor of Laws. Each of these modules concludes with an examination. You will therefore receive an overview of your performance level in your studies from the first semester onwards. The key qualifications are used to acquire the language, especially English, and to acquire comprehensive IT skills.

Compulsory subjects Bachelor of Laws:

  • Basics of law and the application of law
  • Private Business Law I (BGB AT)
  • Private Economic Law II (contractual and legal obligations)
  • Private Business Law III (Property and Credit Security Law)
  • Private Economic Law IV (Basics of Inheritance and Family Law)
  • Company law I and II
  • Public Law I Constitutional, State and European Law
  • Public Law II Administrative Law, Social Law
  • Enforcement and Legal Limits
  • Basics of insolvency law and bankruptcy avoidance
  • Employment Law
  • Marketing and Competition Law
  • Contract drafting, contract and product liability
  • External accounting and taxation
  • Corporate tax law
  • Basics of economics (business administration, economics, accounting)
  • Special business administration

Key qualifications Bachelor of Laws:

  • Key IT qualifications (3 modules - application systems, practical applications and presentation techniques)
  • Key qualifications Language skills in English (3 modules)
  • Key qualifications Foreign language specialist event

Elective modules Bachelor of Laws, e.g.

  • Private International Law (PIL)
  • Anglo-American Law and Legal System
  • International Sales Law
  • Austrian School of Economics
  • Anglo-American Bankruptcy Management
  • German Labor Law
  • German Insurance Law
  • German Occupational Pensions Law
  • European Labor Law
  • International Labor Law
  • US Copyright and Competition Law
  • International Business
  • English Legal Skills
  • Project Management
  • Crosscultural Communication
  • Quality management
  • Gender mainstream
  • IT management
  • Leadership and Management
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Data bank management
  • Arbitration
  • international Competition Law

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Admission requirements and application

You can start studying for a Bachelor of Laws with a general higher education entrance qualification, subject-specific university entrance qualification or technical college entrance qualification. If you have any questions about other access authorizations, please contact the Central Student Advisory Service.

The Bachelor of Laws course begins in the winter semester. Switching from other business law courses is possible.

You can apply until July 15th .

Career prospects with a Bachelor of Laws

The increasing number of internationally operating companies requires international thinking. That is why business lawyers with in-depth knowledge of national and international business law and business administration are in great demand.

Areas of activity arise in all areas of companies and institutions in the private sector and the public service.

Your career prospects as a graduate of a Bachelor of Laws degree are therefore very diverse. Examples of potential employers include:

  • international companies and organizations
  • Associations and associations with an international focus
  • Consulting firms with international law issues
  • international law firms
  • international banking and finance industry
  • public administrations
  • international mediation and arbitration
  • Bankruptcy company
  • Tax consultancies and auditing companies
  • Management functions in the international economy

The International Business Law course also prepares you comprehensively for a career abroad. Due to the knowledge you have acquired in German law, the doors to nationally active companies and institutions are of course open to you.

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Die Hochschule Schmalkalden ist eine Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften in Thüringen. Sie liegt idyllisch am Rande des Thüringer Waldes. Der grüne Campus zählt zweifellos zu einem der schönsten in Thüringen und Deutschland. Read less