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Juris Doctor

A JD or Juris Doctor degree is a professional doctorate that allows a degree holder to practice law after passing a bar examination. JD graduates may choose to go into criminal, family or corporate law, among other practice areas.

A Juris Doctor degree is a doctoral degree in law. Also known as a Doctor of Jurisprudence, this degree is granted to law students who have completed law school in a common law country. In some countries, Juris Doctor holders must pass an exam in order to practice law.

Latvia has both fee-paying and state-financed higher education. The country has two kinds of higher education courses. These include the academic and professional programs. There are three levels of academic higher education – bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies. The climate in the country favors various winter sports and recreation activities such as ice skating, skiing and ice hockey. International students prefer studying in Latvia due to its social life, arts and cultural institutions. The country’s culture is easy to adopt to.

Riga is not only the largest city of Latvia, but also a commercial and revenue generating Centre. Riga have a great cultural heritage of Latvia; moreover, this city owns many educational platforms. These platforms serve every field of educational ground from technical to business institutions.

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Doctoral programme in Law Science

Turiba University
Campus Full time 3 years September 2018 Latvia Riga

One of the first written code of laws in the world history had been developed during the rule of Babylonian king Hammurabi in 18th century B.C. [+]

JDs 2017/2018 in Riga Latvia. Useful - Professionals who are involved in the study process – experts of the Latvian Council of Sciences, lecturers of partner-higher education institutions (HEI). - One of the first written code of laws in the world history had been developed during the rule of Babylonian king Hammurabi in 18th century B.C. DEGREE: Academic Doctor’s degree in legal sciences (Dr. iur.) DURATION OF STUDIES: 3 Academic Years STUDY PROGRAMME: in English or Latvian CAREER: you have an opportunity to work as the leading researcher in a scientific institution; if you want to work in education institution, you can be a candidate of academic position of lecturer or professor; you can become a sworn advocate without passing examination of advocate which is determined by article 14 of the Advocacy Law of the Republic of Latvia; you have an opportunity to become a scientific expert in legal sciences of the Latvian Council of Science. MAIN AREAS OF STUDIES Main areas of studies in the following sub-sectors of legal science are: Theory and History of law, Civil law, Criminal law, State law, International law. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN IN THIS STUDY PROGRAMME? In the 1st Academic Year under the supervision of field professors you will analyse problems in the area of law theory and history. The focus will be on the current issues of material and procedural law in the areas of administrative, administrative procedural, criminal, criminal procedural, civil, civil procedural, intellectual property and international law. In the 2nd... [-]