Programme Description

  • With China’s rapid economic growth and rising international prestige, Chinese law has become an essential source of knowledge as well as a valuable instrument for international students and legal professionals who have a business, cultural, academic or political links with China. Renmin Law School created the LL.M. program in Chinese Law to meet the needs of the international community, helping them to gain an inside view of Chinese law from a first-rate legal institution in China.
  • LL.M. in Chinese Law is a two-year English Graduate Program taught in English offered by Renmin Law School. This program provides an invaluable opportunity for a selected group of students and professionals with at least a bachelor’s degree, to broaden and deepen their knowledge and understanding of Chinese law and Chinese legal practice. The program is interested in attracting intellectually curious and thoughtful candidates from a variety of legal systems and backgrounds and with various career plans.


  • Non-Chinese applicants obtained bachelor degree or above, with a preference for law majors.


  • The application period: Each October 10th to the following May 10th.

Admission Procedure


  • 1. All the application materials should be sent to LL.M. Office, please scan and email the files to before you post the hard copies.
  • 2. Applicants should attend a specialized comprehensive interview in English organized by the law school. Please contact us for more information after submitting the application materials.
  • 3. The Admissions Committee of the Law School will make a decision of acceptance or rejection based on the applicant’s performance and perceived cultivation potential. The final admission will be approved by the Admission Committee of the University.

Application Materials

  • 1. Completed Application Form for LL.M. Program at RUC with signature;
  • 2. One photocopy of passport, diploma and original academic transcripts;
  • 3. Two recommendation letters by professors or associate professors;
  • 4. Four recent passport photos in hard copy;
  • 5. A Personal Statement indicating education and work experience, research, plans and personal development objectives after graduation;
  • 6. Proof of language proficiency for non-native English speakers.


  • The LL.M. Program in Chinese Law is a two-year English program, and the tuition fee is CNY 70,000 per academic year.

Core Courses with Credits

  • All the students are required to complete at least 34 credits to fulfill the academic requirements and a thesis to obtain the degree. The maximum time for the degree program should not exceed four years. Students are required to take all the Compulsory Courses and General Courses. Optional Courses may vary year by year.



RUC Law School offers various scholarships to participants of the LL.M. in Chinese law. Scholarships include:

  • (1) CSC Scholarships, with tuition exemption plus on-campus accommodation, and a certain amount of living subsidy;
  • (2) Beijing Government Scholarships, with tuition exemption;
  • (3) RUC Law School Scholarships, with partial tuition exemption, etc.

Applicants can also apply for other CSC scholarships, such as Bilateral Program, the deadline for different programs of CSC scholarships may vary for different countries. For more information on CSC scholarships, please consult your local embassy or CSC website.

Program taught in:
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Sept. 2019
2 years
70,000 CNY
per academic year
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The application period: Each October 10th to the following May 10th.
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Start Date
Sept. 2019
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Application deadline
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The application period: Each October 10th to the following May 10th.

Sept. 2019

Application deadline
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The application period: Each October 10th to the following May 10th.
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