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Business Law

Most Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree programs last three or four years. Some schools have programs designed to fit students’ interests in a specific sector of law such as European law before they start practicing in the field.

Though it does not usually permit an individual to take an exam in order to practice law, an LLM in business law or Master of Laws degree is nevertheless a desirable pursuit for many because of the specialized knowledge provided.


Germany is a great destination for international scholarsand has a high quality higher education system. The value of this level of education has been improved by the Germany's strong economy. Foreign students enjoy excellent living standards in a secure and safe surroundings. Berlin is the capital.

Top Law Studies in Business Law in Germany 2017

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Bachelor Of Laws Commercial Law

Diploma University of Applied Sciences
Campus or Online Full time Part time 6 - 7 semesters October 2017 Germany Bad Sooden-Allendorf Aalen Baden-Baden Berlin Bochum Bonn Friedrichshafen Hamburg Hannover Heilbronn Kaiserslautern Kassel Leipzig Magdeburg Mainz Mannheim Munich Ostfildern Würzburg Regenstauf Nürnberg Wiesbaden Wuppertal Germany Online + 24 more

The study Business Law can be completed at the nationwide DIPLOMA study centers as a part-time distance learning or face teaching full-time at the Bad Sooden-Allendorf with the nationally recognized bachelor's degree. [+]

Best Bachelor of Laws Programs in Business Law in Germany 2017. The Program in Business Law can be used as the nationwide study centers DIPLOMA distance studies alongside career or as presence studies full-time at the Bad Sooden-Allendorf with the state-approved Bachelor's degree be completed. The standard period of study in Distance learning 7 semester and in Presence study 6 semesters. Bachelor's degree in Business Law The aim is to acquire generalist knowledge and skills in the fields of science Business Administration and Right and a recess in the technical Elective field of financial services, mergers and acquisitions or Real Estate Law. The Bachelor Program in Business Law is aligned with the current needs of the economy and thus meets the demand qualifications of corporate lawyers, who works in an increasingly legally regulated working environment. The course aims at providing a comprehensive service expertise to solve technical issues that require both legal and economic know-how. The study is characterized by a high practical relevance. On the basis of practice-oriented facts, an illustrative and at the same time scientific examination of the study contents takes place. Areas of application for economic lawyers For graduates of the Bachelor program Business Law, numerous career opportunities arise in departments of business enterprises require their areas of responsibility of legal expertise in connection with business knowledge. Feedback many graduates certify a successful qualification for highly doped areas with a high responsibility by the Bachelor Degree in Business Law. With the law degree and Bachelor of... [-]

Bachelor Quite Sciences - Corporate And Commercial Law

Leuphana University of Luneburg
Campus Full time October 2017 Germany Lüneburg

Hire new employees, take out a loan organize the creation or merger of companies that make laws for the energy transition and implement [+]

MAJOR Hire new employees, take out a loan organize the creation or merger of companies that make laws for the energy transition and implement, assess liability risks on the Internet. ONLINE APPLICATION The online application is available from mid-May 2015. Find out in advance about the entry requirements and the special admission procedure at Leuphana College. CORPORATE AND BUSINESS LAW STUDY Almost all decisions in companies, associations and politics are influenced by legal frameworks. In addition, neither corporate nor administrative or political action is involved exclusively in national contexts. Nowadays, there must also be taken into account international law, European law and foreign jurisdictions. The Study of Law (Business Law) in Lüneburg prepares to these requirements specifically. In this case, the right to study focuses on the most relevant economic and political areas of law and is therefore free from unnecessary clutter. LAW SCIENCE STUDY IN LÜNEBURG By embedding in the particular college studies model the study of law is interdisciplinary and differs from the traditional legal education. You will learn not only legal principles and methods, but to complement this with a minor (minor) to a second area of ​​knowledge. So that you acquire practical skills relevant additional - for example, business administration or political science. Overall, the jurisprudential program is characterized by interactive teaching methods, exemplary learning and exercises in small groups at the College of the University of Lüneburg. INTERNATIONAL STUDIES IN LAW The undergraduate program in law is international: from the first to the last semester... [-]