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The LLB, a law qualifying degree in both England and Wales, is an appropriate program for those students seeking a challenging legal education. The LLB program taught at Anglo-American University is a University of London degree.

Students may attend on either a full-time basis, known as Scheme A, which takes 3 years or part-time basis, known as Scheme B, which takes 4 years on the Undergraduate Route. LLB students enrolled at Anglo-American University (AAU) are taught by the AAU School of Law Faculty. Over the course of their studies, students will enroll in the 12 University of London externally assessed courses as well as supplementary AAU credited courses designed to support the students’ success not only in their examinations and writing assessments but ultimately in their chosen profession. The first year of London courses for full-time students consists of four intermediate courses: Common law reasoning and institutions, Public law, Elements of the law of contracts, and Criminal law. The supplementary AAU course for the first year of studies is Legal English.

In the second year of studies, students must take at least two mandatory finals courses and at most two optional finals. The compulsory courses are Property Law, Trusts, Torts, and Jurisprudence. EU law is an optional final but is a required course by the professional bodies in England and Wales for the Bachelor of Laws to be a Qualifying Law Degree. AAU offers Moot Court as a second-year supplementary course. In the third year, students must take the remaining two compulsory finals and two optional finals, and Legal Research and Writing are offered by AAU as supplementary courses. Part-time students may study over a 4-year time period, with three courses studied per year. The first year consists of Common law reasoning and institutions plus two other intermediate courses. Second-year students study the remaining course from the intermediate list plus two courses from compulsory finals. In the third year, students take at least one course from compulsory finals and no more than two courses from optional finals. The fourth and final year of studies consists of any compulsory finals courses not already taken plus optional finals to make up three courses.

After completing the LLB degree students are eligible to enter a practical studies program for training as a barrister through a Bar Practice Training Course (BPTC) or as a solicitor through a Legal Practice Course (LPC), or they might continue their studies in either an LLM or other masters programs, or enter the workforce as legally educated professionals.

Lecturers at AAU follow the course content set out by the University of London and teach to ensure that students have the knowledge London expects of them. The University of London writes and grades the examinations. All LLB courses are year-long and exams are taken in May/June at the British Council, at the end of the spring term. Coursework completed at AAU is not formally graded but is utilized to assist students in developing their writing skills and knowledge of the subject matter. Participation and regular attendance are essential in successfully completing the program. Mock exams and essays aim to help students prepare for the examinations set by London. Further assistance and support come from the University of London’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which grants access to cases, articles, journals, audio lectures, and more.

Students register with both AAU and the University of London. As exams are held in May and June initial applications should, ideally, be submitted in the spring or summer; AAU accepts applications until September.

Tuition is payable to AAU in the fall and spring semesters, and a registration fee and fee for materials are paid to the University of London. There is a separate fee paid to the University of London for exam registration, and fees are also payable to the British Council for administering the exams.

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Founded in Prague in 1990, Anglo-American University (AAU)*, is the oldest private institution of higher education in the Czech Republic. We pride ourselves on providing a personalized and distinctive ... Read More

Founded in Prague in 1990, Anglo-American University (AAU)*, is the oldest private institution of higher education in the Czech Republic. We pride ourselves on providing a personalized and distinctive university education in the English language. Utilizing the best from American and British academic traditions, AAU educates future leaders and global citizens in a multicultural setting of students and faculty from over 60 different countries. Read less