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An LLB is a degree awarded to an individual who finishes a post-secondary education in legal studies. Depending on the area of study, an LLB can take anywhere from one to three years to complete.

What is an LLB in Legal Research? This particular program is designed to enhance the value of students’ legal education by teaching them advanced quantitative research methods and equipping them with advanced analytical skills. Data analysis is an important component in all areas of the law, but especially when it comes to criminal justice. The courses in this program teach pupils how to analyze data and statistics so that they can create an informed hypothesis and hopefully contribute to more fair and accurate outcomes.

Individuals who participate in this program tend to have strong quantitative reasoning capabilities, which is a skill that is in high demand in a number of industries. In addition to reasoning skills, graduates also tend to possess strong deductive reasoning as well as communication skills.

The cost of an LLB varies. Factors that may affect the total cost of tuition include the location of the school and whether or not courses are taken online or in the classroom.

A person with a degree in legal research has the opportunity to pursue a number of careers, as quantitative reasoning is a skillset that proves to be valuable in a number of industries. Some positions that graduates of this program may pursue include criminal attorney, business law attorney, contract lawyer, legal advisor, paralegal and police officer.

Where a person chooses to pursue his or her degree all depends on location, budget and flexibility. Online courses are convenient for those who work full time or have families. To learn more about your options, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Bachelor in Law and Law Enforcement Authorities

Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences
Campus Full time September 2019 Lithuania KlaipÄ—da

Learning outcomes of the study programme: student knows the basic concepts of the studies subjects, is able to apply the theories sources of law, normative legal acts. [+]

Learning outcomes of the study programme: student knows the basic concepts of the studies subjects, is able to apply the theories sources of law, normative legal acts; is able to apply knowledge the executive and judicial private legal relations and to apply appropriate legal norms regulating public administration practice, is ably to apply pre-trial investigation research; provide legal assistance to natural and legal persons; is ably to apply identifies particular legal norms regulating the activities of private and legal persons; is ably to analyse different reasoning presented in the process of analysis of problems and decision making; effectively and responsibly be able to apply professional techniques and tools in state law enforcement agencies, businesses and organizations; has developed the need for continuous improvement of learning skills, for increase of proficiency level, understands the importance of lifelong learning, planning a career in the legal profession.... [-]