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A Bachelor of Laws, also referred to as an LLB degree, is awarded by various institutions following study in the legal field. Depending on where a student wishes to practice law, it may be a required degree to do so.

What is an LLB in Legal Risk Management? The focus in this degree is on helping students to identify where financial risks lie, to understand the legal issues surrounding that risk, and to learn how to develop strategies to prevent it. In addition to studying general commercial and criminal law, additional courses can include such topics as money laundering, bank practices, investment, securities, cyber security, portfolio management, insurance law and white-collar crime.

This degree program can help students hone their skills in analysis, critical assessment, and strategy development, abilities which are useful across many careers as well as in one’s personal life in making plans and decisions. In addition, the focus on risk management can help enhance the chance of finding employment, as well as improving one’s starting salary, particularly with larger firms that have more to lose.

When comparing the costs of different LLB programs, which can vary greatly, be sure to consider not just the price for degree but also cost of living. If you need to relocate to attend the program, that should be taken into consideration.

Some graduates of these types of programs may find themselves working as attorneys, while others can find positions such as risk specialist, fraud analyst, compliance officer, investment analyst, security analyst, or consultant. Among the companies that hire for these types of positions are banks, investment firms, law firms, consulting companies, corporations, government departments, and insurance companies.

There are many institutions around the world offering LLB in Legal Risk Management programs, some of which are available online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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GCU - Glasgow School for Business and Society

With the growth in regulation across all sectors, there is a rising need for expertise in business & legal risk. Accredited by Law Society of Scotland, this LLB offer ... [+]

Accredited by: Law Society of Scotland

This programme, the first of its kind in Scotland, has been developed in response to the growth of legal regulation across all sectors, and the corresponding need for business organizations to meet their compliance requirements.

Recent events, including the global financial crisis and more recently the 'Brexit' vote, have highlighted the uncertain and expanding range and degree of risk facing business, and so have highlighted the need for expertise on business and legal risk. Thus, there is an increasing expectation on lawyers to be pro-active in the prediction and prevention of unethical as well as unlawful behavior across all areas of society.... [-]

United Kingdom Glasgow
September 2019
4 years