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Arguably the first professional law degree offered is called the Bachelor of Laws, or LLB. An undergraduate law degree, it is generally the primary academic step taken towards becoming a practicing lawyer.

What is an LLB in Policy? Because policy law is a specialized field, you may be required to get an LLB before you can practice that type of law. While this degree is considered a prerequisite to practicing many different types of more specialized law, it can be especially important when you want to work in the area of policy. LLB programs prepare students for more advanced law degrees that can be required to practice policy law.

By achieving an LLB in Policy you are not only enabling yourself to practice law but also setting yourself up to successfully complete any additional degrees or programs you desire. Having an LLB means that you can be hired by law firms in several capacities and begin a successful career.

When choosing where to complete your LLB, you must be aware that the cost of such programs will vary widely from school to school. Factors like location, prestige of the school and quality of the program can all impact the price of tuition.

Upon completing an LLB, there may be numerous careers available to you. If you want to be more involved in the political field, you can be a clerk for governmental bodies. Being a tax consultant may interest you if you enjoy working with numbers. You may decide to try a job in legal publishing to see if policy law is the right fit for you. Having an LLB in Policy can allow you to work as a compliance officer, which is excellent preparation for a career in policy law.

If you are looking to get your LLB in Policy, make sure to find the right school and program for you, keeping in mind the online options. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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LLB Honours in Law

University of Westminster - Westminster Law School
Campus Full time 3 years September 2018 United Kingdom London

Our LLB course provides you with an excellent amount of choice. Alongside the core modules, required by the professional legal bodies, you are able to study a wide range of distinctive modules to suit your areas of interest. [+]

LLB Degrees in Policy. Law is an interesting and challenging discipline which impacts at every level, from people's individual daily lives to the operations of Government on the international stage. Increasingly the international dimension to legal study has become more important, across a wide range of legal areas, as the influence of the European Union and international organisations have become so significant. The Law LLB Honours course offers you an exciting and dynamic educational experience, while also providing you with the core subjects required by the professional legal bodies. The legal professions require graduates to possess both intellectual and practical skills, and the course explicitly addresses these requirements with a structured programme of skills development. It will also equip you with the transferable and cognitive skills necessary for lifelong personal and professional development. Our LLB course provides you with an excellent amount of choice. Alongside the core modules, required by the professional legal bodies, you are able to study a wide range of distinctive modules to suit your areas of interest. We have a strong focus on employment and we spend a lot of time supporting you to develop your career. From the outset we concentrate on professional and transferable skills, employability and personal development planning. We also offer innovative modules to prepare you for the realities of working in modern law practice and the changing profession, which will allow you to progress after you graduate. We also aim to provide you with a host of opportunities to boost your... [-]

Bachelor Of Laws Commercial Law

Diploma University of Applied Sciences
Campus or Online Full time Part time 6 - 7 semesters October 2017 Germany Bad Sooden-Allendorf Aalen Baden-Baden Berlin Bochum Bonn Friedrichshafen Hamburg Hannover Heilbronn Kaiserslautern Kassel Leipzig Magdeburg Mainz Mannheim Munich Ostfildern Würzburg Regenstauf Nürnberg Wiesbaden Wuppertal Germany Online + 24 more

The study Business Law can be completed at the nationwide DIPLOMA study centers as a part-time distance learning or face teaching full-time at the Bad Sooden-Allendorf with the nationally recognized bachelor's degree. [+]

The Program in Business Law can be used as the nationwide study centers DIPLOMA distance studies alongside career or as presence studies full-time at the Bad Sooden-Allendorf with the state-approved Bachelor's degree be completed. The standard period of study in Distance learning 7 semester and in Presence study 6 semesters. Bachelor's degree in Business Law The aim is to acquire generalist knowledge and skills in the fields of science Business Administration and Right and a recess in the technical Elective field of financial services, mergers and acquisitions or Real Estate Law. The Bachelor Program in Business Law is aligned with the current needs of the economy and thus meets the demand qualifications of corporate lawyers, who works in an increasingly legally regulated working environment. The course aims at providing a comprehensive service expertise to solve technical issues that require both legal and economic know-how. The study is characterized by a high practical relevance. On the basis of practice-oriented facts, an illustrative and at the same time scientific examination of the study contents takes place. Areas of application for economic lawyers For graduates of the Bachelor program Business Law, numerous career opportunities arise in departments of business enterprises require their areas of responsibility of legal expertise in connection with business knowledge. Feedback many graduates certify a successful qualification for highly doped areas with a high responsibility by the Bachelor Degree in Business Law. With the law degree and Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at the University DIPLOMA is graduates subsequent Master's degree... [-]