LLM (Applied Law) in ASEAN+6 Legal Practice


Program Description


The Master of Laws (Applied Law) in ASEAN+6 Legal Practice is designed to meet the needs of legal professionals engaged in cross-border practice between the ASEAN+6 regional Free Trade Area (ASEAN, plus Australia-New Zealand, China, India, Japan and Korea).

It has been developed by The College of Law in collaboration with the Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA).


Our experience in Australia has shown that employers and students alike are seeking further academic study in the form of real-world legal education, rather than a theoretical focus. Being able to apply what you learned today, tomorrow means your investment is paying off immediately.

When you undertake our Applied Law LLM programme you will be undertaking practice-based tasks and assessments, not writing essays and doing exams.

You will be able to demonstrate to your current or future employer your commitment to self-development and the desire to progress in your career.


To receive a Master of Laws (Applied Law) in ASEAN+6 Legal Practice, complete at least four of your seven subjects from the ASEAN+6 Legal Practice jurisdictional stream, plus a Major Project.

If you obtained your undergraduate legal qualification in a country where English is not the primary spoken language, you will need to supply a certificate that demonstrates your English proficiency in accordance with the IELTS standard at level 8.0 (writing), 7.5 (speaking) and 7.0 (reading).

ASEAN+6 LLM Intakes and Subjects

Intake 1, 2018 (February 19 - May 11):

  • ILP3 - ASEAN+6 Commercial Law Practice
  • ILP4 - ASEAN+6 Mergers and Acquisition Practice
  • ILP5 - ASEAN+6 Banking and Finance Practice

Intake 2, 2018 (May 21 - August 10):

  • ILP6 - ASEAN+6 Intellectual Property Practice
  • ILP7 - ASEAN+6 Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Practice
  • ILP10 - ASEAN+6 Capital Markets Practice
  • All subjects offered in Intake 1

Intake 3, 2018 (August 20 - November 9):

  • ILP9 - ASEAN+6 Trade and Investment Practice
  • ILP15 - Major Project (ASEAN+6)
  • All subjects offered in Intakes 1 and 2

Intake 4, 2018 (November 19 - February 15, 2019):

  • All subjects offered in prior intakes

Further subjects in development

  • ILP1 - ASEAN+6 Lawyer’s Skills 1
  • ILP2 - ASEAN+6 Lawyer’s Skills 2
  • ILP8 - ASEAN+6 Employment and Immigration Practice

The College of Law will also further be developing a choice of majors for this LLM to allow students to gain additional depth in their chosen area of specialization. We will update this page when these majors are confirmed.


Complete our enrolment form online: https://www.collaw.com/learnwithus/our-programs/career-specialisation-programmes/llm-asean

To enrol online make sure you have a certified copy of one of the following:

  • Transcript or graduation certificate of an academic qualification in law from any university, or
  • Admission to practice in any jurisdiction, or
  • Current practicing certificate from any jurisdiction.
Last updated Sep 2018

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