LLM in Drafting and Interpretation of Contracts


Program Description

Are you interested in negotiating, drafting and executing contracts? Does the idea of studying contract law in South Africa’s vibrant commercial hub appeal to you? Do you want to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the drafting of contracts?

In a commercial atmosphere where more and more statutes propagate consumer rights and where plain language is becoming increasingly important, the drafter of modern-day contracts can no longer resort to the cutting and pasting of disjointed, archaic and even illegal phrases, thereby fudging together a contract. Rather, knowledge of current law pertaining to the drafting and interpretation of contracts and excellent language skills are the tools required by lawyers who negotiate and draft contracts. Indeed, practical as well as theoretical knowledge of drafting and interpretation of contracts are indispensable to practicing lawyers.

The lecturing style in this programme is interactive. Classes are small and the programme caters exclusively to a group of students who will benefit from close contact with their professor and with expert practitioners from the relevant legal field. The programme is presented over two years. In the first year, students have one class per week. In the first semester of the first year, the class deals with the interpretation of contracts. The second semester of the first year deals with law and language. Where necessary, classes may be presented in the form of a number of workshops on Saturdays.

The first semester of the second year is devoted to the drafting of contracts and there is one class a week. During the second semester of the second year, students are expected to finalize their minor dissertation. The University of Johannesburg has a superb library and electronic resources. These resources, together with weekly writing assignments, assist students in writing their minor dissertations.

The course will consist of the following four modules:

  • Interpretation of contracts;
  • Law and language;
  • Drafting of contracts; and
  • A minor dissertation.

The degree is taken part-time over two years. Lectures take place after 18h00 or on Saturdays in order to accommodate students who work during the day.


The course will be lectured by Prof Daleen Millard, Dr. Marieke Roos, Dr. Eesa Fredericks and experts invited to present guest lectures.

Admission requirements:

In general, as a minimum admission requirement, students must have attained an average of 65% for the law subjects in their LLB degree.


Scholarships are available. Students who complete their degree within two years qualify for reimbursement of their tuition fees (excluding the registration fee and ICT levy, and subject to certain terms and conditions).

Career Opportunities:

An LLM in Drafting and Interpretation of Contracts provides graduates with knowledge and skills that will enable them to excel in this complex and dynamic field. Excellent drafting skills provide lawyers with the upper hand in the negotiation, drafting, and execution of all contracts, and this skill is especially valuable in commercial practices. Those who work as legal advisers or government officials involved with procurement will find that the combination of contract theory and practical skills will provide them with the ability to excel in their fields.

For further information and inquiries regarding entry requirements and the application procedure as well as the substance of the coursework, contact the faculty:

Mrs. P Magongoa: Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
Tel: 011 559 3843 , Email: Phaladim@uj.ac.za , Web: www.uj.ac.za/law

Registration and Start Dates

Registration starts in January and lectures in February for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate course work programmes.

All research programmes for Masters and PhD can register throughout the year.

End Date: Academic starts in January and ends in December. Programme deadline is determined by the duration of the programme.

Last updated Aug 2019

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Vibrant, multicultural and dynamic, the University of Johannesburg (UJ) shares the pace and energy of cosmopolitan Johannesburg, the city whose name it carries. Proudly South African, the university is alive down to its African roots, and well-prepared for its role in actualising the potential that higher education holds for the continent’s development. Read less