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The LLM in European Union Law presents the best of Ghent Law School’s renowned expertise in EU law for students aspiring to specialize in the law and institutions of the European Union. By a careful combination of compulsory core courses and elective specialized courses, students receive an all-around high-level EU law education, while maintaining a freedom of focus on personal career or research needs. The Ghent Law School is an EU 'Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence', recognized for its expertise and its available resources for European Union Law. With the EU institutions in its vicinity, Ghent Law School offers all the necessary facilities for an in-depth study of the law and practice of the European Union. Students can also benefit from the excellent library, which doubles as a European Documentation Centre. With an ever-expanding and further integrating the European Union, and in an ever more global legal environment, the LLM offers an additional law degree that is instrumental in the international job market. The specialized nature of the programme allows students to develop specific skills and competencies in the rapidly developing areas of EU law. In short, the Ghent University Law School LLM programme forms a significant stepping stone for lawyers and professionals who require knowledge of EU law and/or EU institutions for their career development. Curriculum: http://www.law.ugent.be/llm/llm-european-union-law

NOTE: The application process for the academic year 2020-2021 is open since 1 October 2019 (and will be open until 1 June for the applicants who do not need a visa and 1 March for all applicants who need a visa).

Last updated October 2019

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