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Those who are interested in continuing their law education may want to consider earning an LLM, or Master of Laws. This internationally-recognized degree focuses on many different areas, and administrative law is good for those wanting to learn more about regulations and rules.

What is a LLM in Administrative Law? This program focuses on a specialized area of the law that deals with government regulations, precedents, and agency rules at the local, state, and federal levels. While each program offers different courses, examples of classes include agency organization, administrative process, right to notice and hearing, theory of administrative actions, promulgation and determination of administrative regulations, standing, judicial review, enforcement, and the Administrative Procedure Act.

A Master of Laws gives graduates a leg up over the competition in the workplace, and it helps them earn a higher income. The amount of information that a graduate with an LLM in Administrative Law has is so vast and complex that they often earn more than even a criminal lawyer. For those already working in this area, an LLM can lead to a salary raise or a promotion. 

There are administrative law programs offered at universities all over the world. The amount of money it takes to earn an LLM depends on a variety of factors, such as the school location, program duration, and needs of the student. It is recommended to contact the school directly to find out the costs.

Administrative lawyers have a wealth of career opportunities to choose from. They can work in a variety of facilities, spanning multiple branches and levels of both governmental and non-governmental organizations. Graduates with their LLM can write agency regulations, comment and analyze on proposed rules, and defend, adjudicate, or prosecute cases involving the violation of regulations.

Now is the perfect time to find an LLM in Administrative Law program. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Grupo Tiradentes

One of the most striking features of the Law of Social Democratic State is the supremacy of the Constitution. As a result, the theory of creation teaches that the so-call ... [+]

Differentials Course

One of the most striking features of the Law of Social Democratic State is the supremacy of the Constitution. As a result, the theory of creation teaches that the so-called constitutional block is formed by the rules of fundamental rights and guarantees and state organization and powers, which are called as materially constitutional requirements. In this scenario, the branches of Constitutional Law and Administrative Law are of indisputable centrality in the realization of the constitutional principles and put them rules arising. It is therefore essential that the legal actors to understand the theory and practice that support the judicial and administrative decisions in the Brazilian State. Inserted in this reality, the specialization course in Constitutional and Administrative Law of the University Center Tiradentes (UNIT-AL) in partnership with Superior Law School (ESA - OAB / AL) proposes a multidisciplinary graduate, theoretical and practical, aimed at updating and the formation of a professional able to act in the areas various areas of law, in particular the Public law. This is an innovative project as it covers issues and practices inherent to the various legal professions. This is why it was necessary to partnership the University Center Tiradentes (UNIT-AL) and the Higher School of Law (ESA- OAB / AL) in order to facilitate this specialization. The approach used in the course goes on to consider the professional needs of lawyers and new challenges in the training of a law degree.... [-]

Brazil Aracaju
March 2020
Portuguese (Brazil)
374 hours