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LLM is Latin for Legum Magister, signifying Master of Laws. Our Master of Laws (LL.M.) Program in American Law is a one-year graduate program. Foreign law graduates who successfully complete the program are awarded the degree “LL.M. in American Law.”

The good ideals upheld by the Tanzanians could be a good reason for you to come to this East African country. Well, there are many who consider the Swahili speaking country as a good place to live and enjoy the tropical climate of the region. The cultural depth here is just worth interacting with as you learn more of the ideals. Human rights are seriously guarded, and everyone in the country enjoys an equal opportunity to quality higher education. The campus life in the major cities of Arusha, Mwanza and dare s salaam is worth trying. Come and enjoy quality education at an affordable cost here.

Top Law Degrees in Business Law Studies in Tanzania 2018

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Master of Laws in Information and Communication Technology Laws (eLLM in ICT)

The Open University Of Tanzania
Online & Campus Combined Part time 2 years September 2018 Tanzania Dar Es Salaam

Whether for academic, personal or professional development, the LLM in Information Technology and Telecommunications Law is an ideal choice for law graduates, lawyers and IT specialists seeking to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge to formulate and apply the law in the information society. [+]

The LLM in Information Communication Technology is a re-branded form of the LLM in Information Technology and Telecommunications (LLM IT&T) that had been on offer at OUT since 2009. The course is offered in collaboration with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the UK Telecommunications Academy (UKTA). The course is taught and assessed by professors from OUT and the UK, maintaining the same standards in quality assurance, as the accredited programme being offered by UK Universities.

The course is open to law and other professions graduate with interest in taking on a specialization in Information Technology and Telecommunications law. The course is conducted in modular form.... [-]