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LL.M. programs vary in length, value and quantity. The regular program is one year of full-time article or two to three years of part-time study. Students often take their courses to either specialize in a particular field, such as international law, or create a custom course of study to suit their personal interests or professional needs.

A LLM in Banking Law provides a solid grounding in fundamental principles of financial services law and security, covering local, as well as international developments from the policy and practical perspectives. This enables you to analyze the legal fundamentals behind banking as an entity.

UK, United Kingdom is more than 300 years old and comprises four constituent nations: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The UK has been a centre of learning for the past 1,000 years and possesses many ancient and distinguished universities. Foreign students make up a significant proportion of the student body at UK universities.

Leeds is in West Yorkshire, with around half a million citizens. The city has three colleges and three universities with a total of 250 thousand students that make half of the city’s population. It was voted the Best UK University Destination by a survey in The Independent newspaper.

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LLM International Banking and Finance Law

University of Leeds, Faculty of Education, Social Sciences, and Law
Campus Full time Part time 12 - 24 months October 2017 United Kingdom Leeds + 1 more

LLM International Banking and Finance Law is a distinctive programme that provides a comprehensive postgraduate study package in the area of banking and finance law. [+]

LLM Degrees in LLM Banking Law in Leeds in United Kingdom. LLM International Banking and Finance Law If you want to ... explore the catalysts and consequences of banking crises in today's world examine international approaches to banking supervision discover the legal process involved in the regulation of banks study syndicated lending and the issuing of bonds on the international capital markets ... then consider LLM International Banking and Finance Law. "Our depth of expertise in international banking and finance law makes us a leading centre for this increasingly popular and important topic, attracting students at all levels, from undergraduate to PhD." Professor Andrew Campbell, Professor of International Banking and Finance Law. LLM International Banking and Finance Law is a distinctive programme that provides a comprehensive postgraduate study package in the area of banking and finance law. This LLM gives you the opportunity to learn about the international regulatory frameworks in which banks and other financial institutions operate, as well as commercial financial issues such as the legal framework for international syndicated loans, bond issues, secured credit and insolvency. You will investigate and apply the complex rules of banking and finance law to novel problems and real-world and hypothetical scenarios. You will also critically evaluate the legal rules and underlying policies concerning banking and finance law, and undertake independent research and construct legal argument in the appropriate form. We teach LLM International Banking and Finance Law from an international perspective and do not simply focus on English law. This makes the programme very appealing to students from countries with established financial services sectors, such as the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as those countries in the process of developing their financial services industries, such as Brazil, Russia, India, China and the Arab Gulf States. We designed this course to benefit you, regardless of your country of origin. Career possibilities LLM International Banking and Finance Law is appropriate should you wish to embark upon a career in legal practice, the public sector -- working at the central bank, a financial sector regulator or an international organisation -- or any career where success is built upon the ability to understand, analyse and respond to developments in international banking and finance law. In addition, the increasing amount of financial litigation and arbitration provides many opportunities for practising lawyers in banking and finance law. A number of our students also remain with us to pursue a further research career as PhD students. Why study with us? Here, at the School of Law, our LLM Banking and Finance Law programme offers you ... A supportive learning environment The School of Law provides a supportive learning environment, individual pastoral support, a compact teaching framework within smaller group settings and an opportunity to undertake a larger research project with appropriate mentoring and support. A supplementary academic and professional skills programme If you study with us, you will also benefit from our academic skills programme. This ten-week programme runs alongside your taught academic programme, and is specifically designed to meet the needs of home and international students in the School of Law. This programme provides an opportunity to refine and develop the academic and transferable skills required for you to excel during your taught postgraduate programmes, as well as prepare for professional roles after graduation. Previous programmes have included workshops on analytical skills, presentation skills, career planning, and dissertation writing. The opportunity to study at a leading research-led university LLM International Banking and Finance Law is offered within the dynamic Centre for Business Law and Practice with all the facilities that a leading research-led university offers. This includes opportunities for extra-curricular activities that enhance transferable skills and develop a knowledge of law’s impact in the wider world. Teaching by experts Most teaching staff on the programme are members of the Centre for Business Law and Practice and are experts in their field. A number of staff that teach on the modules have an international reputation and are regularly invited to speak at conferences. The syllabi of the modules draw on their expertise and experience, ensuring that you are exposed to current issues and important questions engaging academics and the wider community. A climate of research excellence You will learn within a large and well-respected research centre for business law that offers research excellence at international level, with eighteen members including six professors. The School of Law was awarded an ‘outstanding’ rating in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise, a rating that reflects the international quality of our research. Industry-influenced knowledge The Centre for Business Law and Practice offers a wide range of experience and expertise in a number of fields, with links to the business community through, for example, the Advisory Board, which includes practitioners amongst its members. Industry and professional speakers regularly participate in conference and seminar events, which students are encouraged to attend and a number of teaching staff are qualified in the legal profession. Research environment LLM International Banking and Finance Law is a postgraduate programme of study that enables you to learn from experts in the Centre for Business Law and Practice and across the School of Law. Teaching staff have recognised expertise covering a broad spectrum within business law, from corporate, banking and financial services to competition, world trade and insolvency. Centre for Business Law and Practice The Centre for Business Law and Practice has an established, recognised and dynamic research culture, exhibiting a wide and broad knowledge base, calibre of research strengths, and international reputation of many of its members. Staff within the Centre have a successful track record in applying for significant research funds, both individually and collaboratively. Centre members have published widely on many aspects of Business law, both domestic and international. The centre promotes, and you have the opportunity to be exposed to, all forms of research, including doctrinal, theoretical (including socio-legal) and empirical. As a postgraduate student, you can participate in research events -- for example, the seminar series -- and there is a regular timetable of high profile conferences, attracting both national and international delegates and speakers from academia, industry and the legal profession. Studying with the Centre gives you the valuable opportunity to develop your knowledge in an environment that offers cutting edge research, cited by the courts and referenced by policy makers with respected academics leading research agendas in their field. Key information September start 12 months full-time 24 months part-time PGDip, PGCert also available [-]