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LLM European Law

The LL.M. (master of laws) is an internationally recognized postgraduate law degree. An LL.M. strength just usually does not allow one to practice law; in most cases, LL.M. students must earn a professional degree

The LLM program in EU law is dedicated to the legal environment of the European Union. This program offers in depth study that targets all relevant branches of contemporary law within the context of EU.

Czech Republic has a well-established and research based university education. This has made learning ini Prague one of the respected curriculum's in Europe since it cultivates the spirit of creativity and innovation among students.

Top Law Degrees in LLM European Law in Czech Republic 2017

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Master of Laws - LLM

University of New York in Prague (UNYP)
Campus Full time 1 year September 2017 Czech Republic Prague

The “Master of Laws - LLM” is offered in co-operation with the University of Bolton. With the growing importance of world trade and the global community, legal consultants are expected to look beyond national jurisdictions and understand issues of European and international law. [+]

Best Master of Laws Degrees in LLM European Law in Czech Republic 2017. Master of Laws - LLM The “Master of Laws - LLM” is offered in co-operation with the University of Bolton. With the growing importance of world trade and the global community, legal consultants are expected to look beyond national jurisdictions and understand issues of European and international law. The program focuses on the legal framework governing the European and international community, as well as various legal issues surrounding international trade and global markets. Employers now place a high premium on graduates with understanding for international corporate law issues. The LL.M program has been designed to meet the needs of a wide range of graduates in law and non-law graduates, including practitioners, corporate consultants, academics, government officials and advisors to non-governmental organizations involved in or intending careers in corporate, European or international law. Graduates will be equipped with the skills necessary for a variety of careers in the legal and business profession. Students reading the LL.M will be able to customize their program, concentrating on areas such as EU and international law, corporate and financial law, and brand and marketing law. This highly flexible course is suitable for law graduates, non-law graduates and lawyers – anyone who will find an in-depth understanding of specialist areas of the law valuable in their career. Furthermore the program has a flexible delivery structure to accommodate the needs of working professionals and allow them to study in parallel with their professional obligations. In detail the courses are delivered over weekends, two weekends per month, and are scheduled in advance for the entire program duration. The LL.M program has strategic research themes which will enable the postgraduate student to attain specialist, cutting-edge legal and business knowledge essential in the new global legal and business environment. ‘Developing practical skills, critical thinking and comparative knowledge are also part of gearing up law and non-law graduates for the modern legal and business workplace. Students can rest assured that they will receive excellent support and the very best training at the University. Students after graduating from the program will have developed the skills and the knowledge to: Understand the substantive legal principles in European, international and corporate law Understand the substantive legal principles in a chosen area of study offered within the program Present findings and conclusions by means of an independent piece of academic research Program Structure The program will be taught by UNYP in full-time mode only which will comprise a one-year diet of study. There will be two teaching terms and the third term (including the summer) will be devoted to the student producing a supervised dissertation. The program has been specifically designed for working professionals, with lectures running over the weekends*. This structure has the least impact on current working commitments. The teaching model is designed to give students more time to reflect on the content of their courses and to engage more effectively in private study. The structure allows for the spread of contact hours over six weekends per course and gives students the opportunity to read material in advance of classes and prepare for more interactive sessions during their weekend contact time. *UNYP provides light refreshments during the breaks to students on this program The LL.M program comprises two taught core courses and a wide range of optional courses (electives), as well as a significant research component involving a dissertation. Core courses are: LAW7006 – Dissertation – Core – 40 credits LAW7021 – Research Methods – Core – 20 credits Each student must take 4 courses of the following electives: LAW7004 - Corporate Governance - optional - 30 credits LAW7010 - EU Public Law - optional - 30 credits LAW7011 - Financial and Economic Crime - optional - 30 credits LAW7013 - International Business Law - optional - 30 credits LAW7017 - Law of International Trade - optional - 30 credits LAW7020 - Public International Law - optional - 30 credits LAW7023 - Trade Mark Law and Policy - optional - 30 credits Teaching and Assessment The program includes a combination of lectures and participatory and problem-solving sessions led by specialist teachers. Students on the program have access to interactive law-learning software and a large number of dedicated electronic law resources. Career Opportunities Graduates of this program have a wide range of career choices open to them. These include practicing European and international law within the student’s home jurisdiction; a career with international institutions, corporations, consulting in the field of European law and corporate law or with a non-governmental organization; University teaching or further research. [-]

Master in International and European Law

Palacky University
Campus Full time 2 years September 2017 Czech Republic Olomouc

Key features 2 years programme (3 semesters full-time/in-class courses + 1 semester of dissertation preparation) [+]

Key features 2 years programme (3 semesters full-time/in-class courses + 1 semester of dissertation preparation) state-accredited Master´s degree programme possibility to spend part of the study at one of our 40 Erasmus+ Partner institutions close contact with professors and stimulating environment scholarship opportunities for outstanding students The programme is: modern and unique … it prepares students to reflect and critically analyse current legal and political trends of international and European law it provides a challenging and innovative focus on both International and European law and their mutual interaction comprehensive … it addresses a whole range of general as well as specific topics and profoundly examines their interaction it offers students an inclusive knowledge of crucial subjects, fosters their critical thinking and enhances practical legal skills tailored and specialised … it enables students to choose from a broad range of elective and optional courses it allows students to develop new levels of creativity in cross-cutting areas of the law (e.g. human rights protection; environmental law, institutional law) student-oriented … it is a medium sized programme with convenient study groups that stimulate interaction among students and Faculty it offers a number of scholarships for qualifying students (read more) it provides the guidance of an advisor who to assist with organization of academic and other activities it includes a wide variety of support services (read more) and extracurricular activities (read more) internationally oriented … it offers a unique, rewarding and stimulating international climate as it welcomes students from various countries around the world it presents the opportunity to spend a part of the studies within a very special network of Erasmus+ partner institutions across Europe and other institutions around the world the Faculty and academic staff have extensive international teaching and research experience with a deep appreciation for cultural diversity selected courses are taught by additional international experts from academia and practice in cutting-edge areas of the law International, National And Regional Career Opportunities For The Future Diverse, challenging opportunities are available for graduates ready to achieve their professional goals and this includes practice at all levels, work with government agencies and positions in international organizations as well as in administration, business, development, finance, investment, industry, technology, trade and new areas of growth in the twenty-first century. The door to stimulating employment opens cutting-edge opportunities. List of courses First year of studies Core Winter semester Public International Law I. Introduction to Scientific Methods Constitutional Law of the European Union History of EU Integration Summer semester Public International Law II. EU Economic Law Private International Law Elective * Winter semester Transition to Democracy Summer semester Law of International Organizations EU Human Rights Protection International Human Rights Law EU External Relations Law Optional * Winter semester International and European Moot Court I EU Recht – der Binnenmarkt und die Rechtsprechung des EuGH French in EU Law I. Summer semester French in EU Law II. EU Competition Law Comparative Law Second year of studies Core Winter semester Multi-level Constitutional dimension of the EU Diploma Thesis I. EU Institutions Summer semester Diploma Thesis II. Elective * Winter semester Law of Armed Conflict and Use of Force Optional * Winter semester International Economic Law International Criminal Law International Commercial Arbitration Constitutional Systems of European Countries Summer semester International and European Environmental Law European Civil Procedure Current Economic Issues How to apply Application deadline: 15 July Complete the online Application Form at: After filling in the online application form, upload and submit the following documents: Structured Curriculum Vitae (signed) Certified copy of Bachelor´s degree diploma in law or similar field of study. You are also eligible to apply during the last year of your current study programme, provided you obtain your final degree and submit a certified copy before 30 September of the respective year. Official academic transcripts and certificates from the University (or a certified copy) Letter of Motivation Letter of Recommendation – from a professor or an academic who can assess applicant’s ability and motivation to enrol in the program Proof of English language competence (CEFR level B2) – to be proven by English language certificates (TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, CPE) or documents about previous university studies in English language Passport Copy of valid passport or European ID card – a photocopy of the page with a photograph and personal data All the documents stated above (accompanied by a certified translation to Czech or English, if not originally in one of these languages) must be submitted by the deadline also as officially authenticated hard copies by regular mail, express mail or registered mail to the International Relations Office of the Faculty of Law. Pay the application fee of CZK 580 (equivalent in EUR) online or by a bank transfer. The decision on admission is based primarily on documents submitted by applicants; if necessary a video call/skype interview with the applicant may be required. [-]

LLM - The Law and Business in the Czech Republic and Central Europe

Charles University Faculty of Law
Campus Full time 18 months October 2017 Czech Republic Prague

This LL.M. programme offers its participants a unique chance to cover in detail all areas of Private Law relevant for Central European countries. This means that the programme will not solely deal with local legislation governing business activities. [+]

Best Master of Laws Degrees in LLM European Law in Czech Republic 2017. This LL.M. programme offers its participants a unique chance to cover in detail all areas of Private Law relevant for Central European countries. This means that the programme will not solely deal with local legislation governing business activities. On the contrary, it will provide students with broad exposure to various fields and relevant regulations. Special emphasis will be given to the legislative impact of the European Union and also to the aspects of Private International Law. An integral part of the programme will be excursions – e.g. to the Czech National Bank, High Court in Prague, Metropolitan Court in Prague, Stock Exchange, Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic, Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic, Arbitration Court attached to the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and to the Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic. With additional background given to the general economic theories and issues, this programme is aimed especially for lawyers potentially or already working in the economic sector as in-house counsels, auditors or attorneys specialized in Business Law. Students are required to complete 5 mandatory courses (each for 8 credits). Moreover they are obliged to choose and complete at least 4 optional courses (each for 5 credits). In the third semester students are expected to attend a Dissertation Seminar (5 credits), complete a dissertation work under the supervision of a tutor and defend it before a committee (25 credits). Mandatory courses Winter Semester: Business and Commercial Law, responsible supervisor: JUDr. Alena Bányaiová, CSc. Fundamentals of Private Law for Business and the Judicial Protection of Rights, responsible supervisor: JUDr. Ondřej Frinta, Ph.D., Doc. JUDr. Alena Macková, Ph.D. Private International Law and International Business Transactions, responsible supervisor: Prof. JUDr. Monika Pauknerová, CSc., DSc. Summer Semester: EU Internal Market Freedoms and Competition Law, responsible supervisor: JUDr. Magdalena Svobodová, Ph.D. International Economic Law, responsible supervisor: Prof. JUDr. Pavel Šturma, DrSc. JUDr. Vladimír Balaš, CSc. Optional courses Winter Semester: EU Law - General Introductory Course, responsible supervisor: Doc. JUDr. Richard Král Ph.D., LL.M. (Mandatory for students from non-EU countries who cannot prove previous sufficient background in EU Law) Public Regulatory Policy: An Economic Perspective, responsible supervisor: Ing. Helena Chytilová, Ph.D. Social Rights and their Protection, responsible supervisor: Doc. JUDr. Martin Štefko, Ph.D. Possibility to participate in International Moot Court competitions, responsible supervisor: Prof. JUDr. Monika Pauknerová, CSc., DSc., Doc. JUDr. Vladimír Balaš, CSc. Summer Semester: Comparative Private Law, responsible supervisors: Prof. JUDr. Michael Bogdan, B.A., LL.M., Prof. Kurt Siehr Public Law Regulation of Business Activities, responsible supervisors: Prof. JUDr. Milan Damohorský, DrSc., Doc. JUDr. Zdeněk Kühn, PhD., SJD, LLM. Intellectual Property Law, responsible supervisor: JUDr. at MgA. Petra Žikovská Introduction to Financial law, responsible supervisor: JUDr. Petr Kotáb, Ph.D. [-]