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The Master of Laws may hold different purposes in different countries. In most English-speaking countries, the LLM serves as a technical look at a certain branch of law for students who already have a Juris Doctor. In other countries, it could serve as the basic professional degree required to be a lawyer.

What is an LLM in Legal Procedure? Legal procedure usually refers to the role a constitution plays in criminal law and the court procedures. Scholars may look at international procedural law or focus on the procedure in certain countries. Many universities have a variety of required and elective courses. The curriculum often varies from school to school but may include courses similar to criminal procedure and investigation, adjudication and criminal procedure, domestic violence policy, moral puzzles of criminal law, political and corporate corruption law, and punishment and sentencing.

Having a better understanding of legal procedures can make a graduate a more competitive applicant and could even lead to a higher starting salary. This is partly due to the skills gained through this education. Students may improve their communication, critical-thinking and leadership skills.

The cost of an LLM can vary greatly from one school to the next. In large, it depends on the duration of the program. Most LLM programs can be completed in a single academic year. Students should contact their desired school to inquire about tuition.

An LLM in Legal Procedure can lead to a variety of jobs within the legal industry. Some students have gone on to become attorneys, chief legal officers, court administrators, criminologists, procedure consultants, constitutional specialists, juvenile justice officers, judges, mediators and advisors. The exact opportunities available may vary based on a person’s previous education and work history. Some scholars may choose to use this degree as a foundation for even more education.

As students get ready to apply, they may be interested to learn that schools all over the world offer LLM programs. Learning more about online or on-campus programs is easy. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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Grupo Tiradentes

The need for practical improvement and acquisition of new theoretical knowledge drive and demonstrate to legal professionals the importance of continuing education in its ... [+]

Differentials Course

The need for practical improvement and acquisition of new theoretical knowledge drive and demonstrate to legal professionals the importance of continuing education in its various forms, especially with the entry into force in the year 2016, the new Civil Procedure Code, which will result in the need for legal professionals to upgrade to face the new procedural scheme of the new law. Inserted in this reality, the specialization course in Procedural Law of the University Center Tiradentes (UNIT-AL), in partnership with Superior Law School (ESA - OAB / AL), proposes a multidisciplinary graduate, theoretical and practical, aimed at updating and the formation of a professional able to act in various areas of law, with emphasis on the New Code of Civil procedure and its relationship with other branches of science procedural. This is an innovative project as it covers issues and practices inherent to the various legal professions. The approach used in the course goes on to consider the professional needs of lawyers and new challenges in the training of a law degree.... [-]

Brazil Aracaju
March 2020
Portuguese (Brazil)
374 hours