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The Master of Laws is a postgraduate degree that focuses on a specific area within the law field. Students who already have a Juris Doctor might go back to school for an LLM to get specialized knowledge. Most LLM programs last a year.

What is an LLM in Legal Writing? It is a program of study dedicated to giving students the skills and knowledge needed to compose professional letters, office memoranda and other legal documents. Participants may even get practice writing out advice to fictitious clients. The exact courses a person has to take depends on the school attended but may be similar to principles of legal writing, appellate drafting, civil litigation drafting, trusts and estates drafting, and family law writing. The curriculum may include dissertations, projects, lectures and discussions.

An LLM in Legal Writing improves a student’s ability to communicate effectively through the written word. Participants may also become better creative thinkers and time managers. These skills all work together to make a person a more competitive job applicant.

Students may want to know the cost of an LLM program before applying. However, there are many factors that can change the tuition amount. For this reason, applicants need to speak with universities directly for an estimate.

What can legal professionals do with an LLM in Legal Writing? Some graduates have used this education to become journalists, legal analysts, contract writers, judges, lawyers, professors, federal litigators, sports arbitrators and mediator consultants. A person’s career opportunities may be influenced by his or her previous work and education history. Some students use this degree as a stepping stone for even more education.

LLM programs are offered at schools around the world. Geography may not affect students because many universities have online learning opportunities. Ready to apply or learn more? Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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University of Johannesburg

The purpose of this qualification is to let a student demonstrate through research training an ability to master at an advanced level the current state of specialized kno ... [+]


The purpose of this qualification is to let a student demonstrate through research training an ability to master at an advanced level the current state of specialized knowledge on a given topic within a particular branch of the law and to provide a sound training in research methodologies.



i. The minimum entry requirement is an LLB degree (or equivalent qualification) at NQF level 7 or 8 and a minimum number of credits of 624. Candidates for admission to Master’s degrees, in general, need to have obtained their previous degree with an average mark of at least 65%.

ii. The relevant Head of Department may permit an applicant to register as a student for purposes of receiving guidance with and use the facilities of the University for, the preparation of a research proposal. This does not create an expectation that the student will be admitted to Master’s studies and such registration is provisional pending the approval of the admission of the student by the Board of the Faculty of Law. The Board of the Faculty of Law approves the admission of a student on the basis of the academic merit of the student, the research proposal submitted by the student and the ability of the Faculty to provide appropriate and continuous study guidance and supervision.... [-]

South Africa Johannesburg
February 2020
1 - 3 years