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An LLM in Public Interest Law is an excellent choice for those who seek to make the world a better place. Those who hold this graduate degree have the opportunity to engage in public service by providing specialized legal counsel to charities, nonprofit organizations, government entities and businesses.


What is an LLM in Public Interest Law? This is a graduate-level degree, generally reserved for those who have already completed some sort of formal legal education. Those who pursue this LLM do so to gain a specialized knowledge in a particular area of public interest law. Because this field is wide and varied, there are a number of paths of study from which students can choose. Study areas can include human rights, environmental policy and consumer protection.


Obtaining an LLM in Public Interest Law provides a number of benefits. Those who hold this degree are able to build on their existing legal knowledge to become experts in a particular field of law. This can make them highly valuable assets in both the public and private sectors.


It is difficult to gauge the precise cost of earning this degree, as tuition and living expenses will depend on the country and the institution. For this reason, it is important that prospective students thoroughly research the expenses associated with the programs in which they are interested.


Those who hold an LLM in Public Interest Law are considered experts in their fields, and as such they are in a competitive position for employment. Graduates may find work with government agencies, nonprofit organizations or advocacy groups. Traditional private practice is also an option, as are in-house counsel positions with corporations and other business entities. 


Many institutions accept online applications for this degree. It is advisable to thoroughly research the admission requirements prior to submitting your application. This information can be easily found through our program listing. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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University of Nottingham - Faculty of Social Sciences

Providing you with a general public international law qualification, this course can be tailored towards a particular specialist interest such as environmental protection ... [+]


Providing you with a general public international law qualification, this course can be tailored towards a particular specialist interest such as environmental protection, international trade or human rights.

You will develop a solid grounding in the techniques of arguing and interpreting international law, and expertise in how these elements are put to the test in very different contexts, from protecting the environment, to regulating world trade and humanitarian protection. With 25 qualifying options, you can choose to specialise in various areas of public international law.

The wide range of modules is delivered by an impressive and diverse array of talented academics. Members of the public international law team at Nottingham have published prize-winning works. Many also actively participate in policymaking and implementation of human rights norms at state and international levels.... [-]

United Kingdom Nottingham
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1 - 2 years