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An LL.M. is the first step towards academics in many countries. It presents many opportunity to specialize in a particular field or to undertake thorough research. It can also prove beneficial in obtaining a doctoral level degree in law.

An LLM is a postgraduate program for law students who want advanced training and knowledge in a particular area. Specialization areas may include commercial law, finance, human rights law, tax law, and international business law.

The USA remains the world’s most popular destination for international students. Universities in the US dominate the world rankings and the country also offers a wide variety of exciting study locations. State university systems are partially subsidized by state governments, and may have many campuses spread around the state, with hundreds of thousands of students.

Medford is a county seat of Jackson County and named after a civil engineer David Loring,s home town Medford. In 2013 the faculties of higher education have increased manifold as compared to last decades. Alba Park, bear Creek Park, a Claire Hanley arboretum, Medford Carnegie library, Roxy Ann peak and Prescott park are the work visiting places of the city.

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Master of Laws in International Law (LLM)

The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University
Campus Full time 9 months September 2017 USA Medford

The Master of Laws in International Law (LLM) program is for legal professionals who wish to acquire specialized education in a particular area of international law. The program requires nine months of full-time study. [+]

LL.Ms 2017 in Medford USA. The Master of Laws in International Law (LLM) program is for legal professionals who wish to acquire specialized education in a particular area of international law. The program requires nine months of full-time study. Since 1933, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy has had the goal of increasing international understanding, and preparing students from around the globe for leadership positions. Reflecting that goal, the Fletcher LL.M. program is different from programs offered by traditional law schools. It is focused exclusively on issues of public and private international law, across a range of nearly 30 courses taught by experts in international law with extensive real world experience. The program is purposefully small (between 15 and 20 students), and our students are a diverse and vibrant group hailing from the U.S. and abroad. As you consider your options for graduate school, there are two aspects of the Fletcher School’s LL.M. that I believe make it unique among LL.M. programs, and a compelling choice for those seeking to concentrate on the study of international law. First, the interdisciplinary nature of our program allows you as a student to see issues of international law in their social, economic, and political contexts. As an LL.M. student at Fletcher, you build a strong foundation in international law, and will have the opportunity to complement that foundation with courses from the diverse group of political science, history, business and economics courses that make up the Fletcher curriculum. I frequently hear from alumni that this opportunity to see global issues through a different lens has helped them to collaborate with colleagues from different academic backgrounds as they work on international legal issues. Second, the small size of our program and the strength of the Fletcher community mean that the Fletcher LL.M. is highly personalized, and each LL.M. student receives active mentorship from our faculty. If you choose to study at Fletcher, you will be matched with an academic advisor in your field of interest who will guide you in your studies throughout the year. You will also have a Capstone advisor, who will guide you as you research and develop a “Capstone” thesis, which offers students the opportunity to concentrate on an international law issue of particular interest. As a larger group, the program hosts LL.M. students for monthly “High Table” and “Brown Bag” lunches, where experts in various aspects of international law visit the program to discuss their work. We also host a year-end Capstone Retreat, where students present their thesis work and join professors and visiting practitioners for topical conversations on issues in international law. Our personalized approach and cohesive community make our LL.M. unique in comparison with our peers’ larger programs, and will empower you to make the most of your time here at Fletcher. Curricular Options for Fletcher LL.M. Students The LL.M. Program is one full academic year. Four courses each semester are required for the LL.M. degree. No fewer than five and a maximum of six courses must be taken within the International Law and Organizations (ILO) division. At least one of the eight courses must be from the Diplomacy, History, and Politics (DHP) division, and at least one course must be chosen from the Economics and International Business (EIB) division. LL.M. students may also cross-register at Harvard Law School, normally for no more than one course per academic year. Students must complete a Capstone Project (see page 20 in Student Handbook), which is to be determined in consultation with and supervised by a member of the law faculty; Native English-speakers also must demonstrate proficiency in a second language. Given the wide range of professional experience and interests with which our students arrive at Fletcher, we believe that it is inappropriate to require that students take any specific course or courses. Students determine their own curriculum, in consultation with their faculty advisors (and within the parameters outlined above). Curriculum Courses All courses offered at Fletcher are open to LL.M. students, including courses in Diplomacy, History and Politics; Economics and International Business; and of course International Law and Organizations. A selection of Law courses are listed below. ILO L200: The International Legal Order ILO L201: Public International Law ILO L203: International Law in International Relations ILO L209: International Treaty Behavior: A Perspective on Globalization ILO L210: International Human Rights Law ILO L211: Current Issues in Human Rights ILO L212: Seminar on Nationalism, Self-Determination and Minority Rights ILO L213: International Criminal Law ILO L214: Transitional Justice ILO L216: Seminar on Human Rights in Africa ILO L220: International Organizations ILO L221: Seminar on Actors in Global Governance ILO L223: Seminar on International Environmental Law ILO L224: Seminar on Peace Operations ILO L230: International Business Transactions ILO L232: Seminar on International Investment Law ILO L233: International Financial and Fiscal Law ILO L234: International Intellectual Property Law and Policy ILO L236m: Securities Regulation: An International Perspective ILO L237: Mergers and Acquisitions: An International Perspective ILO L239m: Corporate Governance in International Business and Finance ILO L240: Legal and Institutional Aspects of International Trade ILO L243: Seminar on International Legal Aspects of Globalization ILO L250: Law and Development ILO L251: Comparative Legal Systems ILO L252: Rule of Law in Post Conflict Societies ILO L262: Foreign Relations and National Security Law ILO L264m: Non-Proliferation Law and Institutions ILO L270m: Legal Research, Writing, and Oral Advocacy DHP P207: Seminar on International Politics and International Law ILO XXXa: Seminar on The Law of the European Union [-]