Law degree

CES Cardenal Cisneros

Program Description

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Law degree

CES Cardenal Cisneros

Objectives and competences

The Degree in Law at the Complutense University of Madrid

Advice, representation and legal defense. Governance, the registration qualification, the defense of citizens, mediation, conciliation and arbitration. Jurisdiction to try and run the court. Positions in enterprises, in any sector- and organizations, both national and international.




  • 380 Constitutional Law I
  • 381 Civil Law I
  • 382 Theory of Law
  • 383 Roman Law: History and Institutions
  • 384 History of Law
  • Civil Law II 385
  • 386 Constitutional Law II
  • 387 Ecclesiastical Law
  • 388 Introduction to Economics


  • 389 Criminal Law I
  • 390 Criminal Law II
  • 391 Community Law
  • 392 Administrative Law I
  • 393 Administrative Law II
  • 394 Public International Law
  • 395 Civil Procedural Law I
  • 396 Tax Law I
  • Civil Law III 397


  • 398 Civil Procedural Law II
  • 399 Criminal Procedure Law
  • 400 Tax Law II
  • 401 Philosophy of Law
  • 402 Business Law I
  • 403 Business Law II
  • Civil Law IV 404
  • 405 Labour Law
  • 406 Private International Law


  • 407 Placement (Right Center Cardinal Cisneros (187))
  • 412 Economic Administrative Law
  • 415 Criminal Law Economic and Business
  • Der 416. Criminal In the field of European Union E International
  • 418 Contemporary Legal Systems
  • 423 Procurement and Consumption
  • 424 Liability
  • 425 Real Estate Law
  • 427 Credit Tutela And Special Processes
  • 429 Matrimonial Canon Law and Comparative
  • 430 Corporate Statute for SMEs: Srl and Spe
  • 431 Bankruptcy Law
  • 435 Taxation Business
  • 437 International Business Law
  • 438 End of Grade (Right)

Student profile

Choose the best option for your future

It can be accessed from any form of high school and any entrance exams to the University. By the skills developed in these studies, it is desirable that the student has a personal and social maturity that allows you to act responsibly and autonomously, and possessing the reading and study habits. The most suitable student profile is especially interested in social sciences and law (making it optimal who has completed the Bachelor of Humanities and Social Sciences) with great communication skills (oral and written) and analytical, reflective and critical spirit.

Cardenal Cisneros University College, Center for Higher Education attached to the Complutense University of Madrid, gives the same effect Plans Studies at the University. After finishing his studies, upon payment of the fees, students are awarded the official title of Degree in Law issued by the UCM.


Career prospects

professional profiles and job placement in the Bachelor of Law

Graduate / a in law after graduation has a broad general education that allows it to adapt to different work contexts. A considerable number of students access to this degree in order to be able to practice law or sought. Graduate / a in law has the option to develop their career in the public or private sector. Upon exceeding the requirements set forth in Law 34/2006 on access to the professions of Barrister and Solicitor of the Courts, you can engage in the liberal practice of the profession, and it be individually, in a group or company office.

Public Administration

Within the Public Administration we could highlight the oppositions that are held periodically by the State, Autonomous Regions and Local Authorities. Traditionally they have enjoyed remarkable popularity among the races:

  • Judicial and Prosecutorial
  • Secretary / a court
  • Notary / a
  • Registrar / a
  • Lawyer / a State
  • Diplomatic / a
  • Legal / a de Cortes
  • Inspector / a of Finance
  • Inspector / a Working
  • Inspector / a Police
  • Technical / a Administration

Representing Individuals

They target the largest number of occasions to advise and represent individuals, companies and institutions in specific situations within their competence. Teaching is also one of the professional opportunities for which you can choose, bearing in mind that lifelong learning is a basic requirement of the labor market.

Business Consulting

Today is opening a wide range of possibilities in business: departments of Human Resources, Management and Administration, Occupational Health, etc. Some of the specialties that stand out for their job opportunities are the areas of:

  • Tax area
  • Commercial area
  • Labor area
  • Community area

Mediambiental field, where more and more conflicts occur, as well as the alternative resolving them through mediation, arbitration and conciliation are branches called to have a growing importance in society.

All this without forgetting that it is also counting on these / as graduates / as, to develop specific humanitarian, social and cultural programs.

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Spain - Madrid, Community of Madrid
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Sept. 2018
Spain - Madrid, Community of Madrid
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