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The Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) is a type of master’s degree that focuses on business and management. It is a postgraduate degree that is internationally recognized. Most programs require prospective students to take either a GRE or a GMAT to qualify.

What is an MBA in Business Law Studies? This program combines traditional business and management courses with several courses that emphasize business law. Some universities offer business and law as an interdisciplinary program. The coursework is usually designed to prepare students to pursue high-level careers at the intersection of law and business. Courses students may encounter include law and business of corporate governance, business development, management, real estate finance, entrepreneurship, negotiating complex transactions and law and business of human rights.

An MBA in Business Law Studies usually teaches students leadership skills. They may also become adept at negotiations and written communication. These skills are beneficial in both professional and personal endeavors.

MBA in Business Law Studies programs are popular around the world. Location can affect the cost of schooling. Research a variety of schools and programs before deciding on a university to attend. Contact the school of your choice for information about the price of attendance.

Because graduates typically leave school with a solid understanding of legal practice theory within the business sector, they may be uniquely qualified for a variety of positions in both business and legal fields. They may be able to secure a job in banks, educational institutions, newspapers, international organizations, working as a business legal advisor, business analyst, law and legal manager or as a professor of a variety of studies.

More and more MBA programs are being offered online. This format usually allows for a more flexible schedule for busy individuals. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Birmingham Graduate School (MBA @ BGS from £2500!)

Our MBA in Business Law provides students with a base knowledge and understanding of business and with the ability to specialize in law subjects during the second term. ... [+]

MBA @ BGS from £2500

MBA in Business Law

Our MBA in Business Law provides students with a base knowledge and understanding of business and with the ability to specialize in law subjects during the second term. The second term will enable students to obtain the understanding of legal practice and theory within the business sector and the ability to formulate both written and oral arguments on topical issued business and law.

The MBA programme comprises of a total of eight modules each focusing on a different theme of business/management with an International business orientation. The teaching and learning of this programme are delivered through lectures, seminars, tutorials, guided and independent study. Teaching and learning on the programme are further enlivened by the active research of staff, particularly in the general areas of business and management theory. The MBA programme is worth a total of 180 credits.... [-]

United Kingdom Birmingham
August 2019
1 year