Master of Fiscal Law

This master program facilitates the acquisition of capabilities to analyze the legal and fiscal aspects within the national context and international aspects; to solve fiscal and financial problems; as well as analyze the current legal policies and propose adaptations and reforms to them, also to represent individuals and organizations in legal proceedings.

Candidate Profile

  • Bachelor degree in Law, Accounting, Economics, Finances or similar areas, with the intention to deepen their knowledge of law and accounting relations.
  • Good skills in reading and written expression.
  • Logical and mathematical reasoning.
  • Good disposition towards collaborative work over the internet.
  • Able to use Information Technologies and computers.
  • Positive attitude towards self-regulated learning and self-training.
  • English proficiency equivalent to 450 points in TOEFL.
  • Knowledge about Mexican law and the fiscal system to better understand and to be able to structure through research a series of procedures before fiscal authorities.

Graduate Profile

  • Ability to perform judicial and legal analysis, required to design fiscal policy.
  • Ability to propose reforms to the legal warrants, as a legislator or as an advisor to legal bodies.
  • The capability of applying theoretical and quantitative tools to judicial and legal matters.
  • Ale to develop strategies for consulting, advising and management of processes that simplify the fiscal structure.


Each On-Line Master Program consists of a total of 80 credits (20 courses, of 4 credits each). They are designed to be taken in 2 years, by taking 2 courses per period (5 periods per year), thus making a total of 10 courses per year.

The cost of one credit is currently $1,420.00 pesos, each course then costs $5,680.00 pesos.


One credit $1,600
One course (4 credits) $6,400
Admission Fee $7,210
Graduation Fee $9,000 Paid once the student is a candidate for graduation
SEP Fee $145 To be paid once each year

Note: All costs are in MX pesos.

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July 2019
2 years
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July 2019
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July 2019

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