Master of European Social Security (Leuven et al)


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Program Description

KU Leuven's Advanced Master of European Social Security gives you the opportunity to understand the many different approaches to social security that co-exist within the historic continent of Europe. At the same time, you will gain a better understanding of your own national system within the context of the wider continental picture. The programme also includes a careful, in-depth study of the role of international bodies such as the European Union.

As a student of the program, you’ll become part of an international network of experts in the field of social security. Students come from various European countries and beyond and have different academic backgrounds and motives for participation. The teaching staff consists of renowned professors from KU Leuven and other European universities specialising in various disciplines related to social security.


The program comprises 60 ECTS, starting with a summer school in August and concluding in July the following academic year.

During the Master of European Social Security, your academic skills will be developed and challenged through the experience of an internship in a social security institution or organisation. Through our partnerships you can take on an internship position in proportion to your own level of experience and field of expertise, focusing either on practice or research. 

The in-person classes and workshops, held in Leuven (Belgium), are condensed together into a limited number of weeks. The remaining coursework is completed via a digital learning platform. The platform connects you to Europe's best lecturers, who guide you through their specially designed course materials remotely.


  • The unique teaching format offers you the best of both worlds: an authentic university experience at one of Europe's foremost universities and the flexibility to complete the majority of the program from home.
  • Throughout the program, you will be connected to a unique international network of universities and be in contact with teaching staff and fellow participants from all over Europe.
  • The multidisciplinary and multinational approach will broaden your perspective and will help you look at problems from a new angle. This alternative approach develops your ability to adapt to new situations and will be highly valuable throughout your professional career.

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Last updated Aug 2020

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KU Leuven will host an online open day on 1 december. For more information, please visit Read less
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