Master of Law by Course Work & Dissertation (LLM)

The Open University Of Tanzania

Program Description

Master of Law by Course Work & Dissertation (LLM)

The Open University Of Tanzania

This course intends to provide a unique opportunity to students who want to provide their ability in their areas of specialization taking into account to that this programme is purely self-studies where students do concentrate in their areas of specialization.

Aims and Objectives of the Programme

The Master of Laws Programme aims at producing legal experts equipped with good analytical skills to tackle current legal problems arising from the changing nature of Tanzanian society and elsewhere in the third world and other countries in the world in social, economic and political sectors.

It is a result oriented programme that enables a candidate to be fully equipped to tackle specified specialized legal problems and issues in various areas and specialties offered by the Faculty of law. The candidate may also with the permission of the Dean of the Faculty opt to do his/her course on traditional subjects under offer.

Eligibility for Admission

The course for Master of Laws degree of the Open University of Tanzania will be open for Law graduates of the University of Dar es Salaam, the Open University of Tanzania and any other recognized university, especially from countries of common law jurisdiction. A holder of Postgraduate Diploma in Law of Open University of Tanzania or other equivalent qualification * who is also a holder of the first degree in law (pass) may be eligible for admission to the Master of Laws Degree of the Open University of Tanzania.

Programme Mode Delivery

The LLM Programme will be delivered through blended mode; Moodle and distance (Coursework papers and dissertation) for LLM by Coursework.

Courses of Study

  • A candidate will be required to choose his/her subject provided under No. 2.9 subjects offered
  • A candidate will have to choose one core subject in which he/she will have to write at least 2 coursework papers and a dissertation and
  • He/she will also have to choose one elective course in which he/she will have to write the two remaining coursework papers.

Units for each subject shall be as follows:

  1. Core courses 32 credits (8 units)
  2. Elective Courses 16 credits (4 units)
  3. Dissertation 24 Credits (6 units)

Duration of the Course

The course duration will be for the maximum of FIVE years provided that a candidate may complete his/her course before five years but not less than THREE years of studying. The time for study may be extended by the Senate if it is satisfied that there are reasonable grounds to do so.

Submission of Dissertation

  • Candidates will have to notify the Chairman of the Postgraduate Studies Committee of Senate his/her intention to submit his/her dissertation, three months prior to submission.
  • In his/her dissertation, the candidate will have to declare, to the satisfaction of the University that the work he/she has submitted is his/her own work and has never been submitted to any other University.
  • A candidate will be required to submit his/her dissertation in quadruplet.
  • A candidate, upon the recommendation of the examiners to the Senate, may be required to re-submit the dissertation after reviewing the same.

Award of the Degree of Master of Laws

The degree of Masters of Laws shall not be classified but may be awarded distinction.

Subjects offered for the Master of Laws Degree of the Open University of Tanzania

Core Courses

Units Credits
OLW 601: Environmental Law, Regulation and Policy 2 8
OLW 602: Industrial and Labour Relations Law 2 8
OLW 603: Corporate Law, Securities and Banking 2 8
OLW 604: Domestic and International Regulation and Protection of Foreign Investments. 2 8
OLW 605: Property Relations (Advanced Land Law) 2 8
OLW 606: Constitutionalism, Good Governance, and Human Rights; 2 8
OLW 612: Tax Law 2 8
OLW 617: Alternative Disputes Resolutions
OLW 618 Intellectual Property Law 2 8
OLW 619 Sports and Entertainment Law 2 8
Units Credits
OLW 607: Civil Procedure 1 4
OLW 608: Jurisprudence 1 4
OLW 609: Law of Contract 1 4
OLW 610: Private International Law 1 4
OLW 611: Succession and Trusts 1 4
1 4
OLW 613: Criminal Law and Procedure 1 4
OLW 614: Family Law 1 4
OLW 615: Sale of Goods/Negotiable Instruments 1 4
OLW 616: Public International Law 1 4
OLW 620: Maritime Law 1 4
OLW 621 Administrative Law 1 4
OLW 622 Law of Evidence 1 4
OLW 623 Law of Tort 1 4
OLW 624 Constitutional Law 1 4
OLW625 Criminology and Penology 1 4
OLW626 Islamic Law 1 4
OLW627 Labour Law 1 4
OLW628 Legal Aspects of International Trade and Investments 1 4
OLW629 Law of Business Associations 1 4
  • All candidates for a Master's programme will have to undergo a Legal Research Methodology Course and Research Guidelines to be conducted by the Faculty of Law in during the first week of April and October. A separate fee of USS$ 100 shall be paid for this training.
  • The candidates will be assigned supervisors to supervise them throughout the course of study. A candidate must pursue his studies under the guidance of his/her supervisor.

A candidate who opts for OLW 601: Environmental Law, Regulation, and Policy, OLW 604: Domestic and International Regulation and Protection of Foreign Investments, should have studied International Law in his/her undergraduate study. Otherwise, he/she will have to study International Law as a non-credit course during his/her Master's Programme. Similarly, a candidate, who opts for OLW 602: Industrial and Labour Law, will be supposed to have studied Labour Law during his/her LL.B Programme. It will be within the discretion of the Dean to direct a particular student to undertake an undergraduate course if it appears in the opinion of the Dean, it is necessary for successful completion of the Masters Programme.

Cost & Fees

Non Tuition Fees

Application fee 30,000 30 30
Registration fee 50,000 100 100
ID processing 20,000 20 20
Student Organization fee (paid annually) 20,000 20 20
Quality assurance fee (paid annually) 20,000 20 40
Coursework Examination fee per paper 20,000 40 60
Plagiarism fee 20,000 20 20

Tution Fee per Unit for Taught Masters Programmes

Blended mode 220,000 100 200
Facilitation fee 50 50
Dissertation fee 220,000 100 200

Note: Facilitation is meant to cater for taxes, levies, postage cost, courier services, and phone call charges.This fee is also paid by Tanzanians residing outside Tanzania.

Other Recommended Direct Student Cost For Masters by Coursework/Dissertation Students

Research/Field Costs & Consultations 1,500,000 1,000
Books 300,000 300
Stationery 100,000 100
Dissertation production 300,000 300
TOTAL 2,200,000 1,700
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