Who are we?

California Western School of Law (CWSL) established in 1924, is a non-profit private law university in the United States located in San Diego, California. Accredited by the American Bar Association since 1962, it is the oldest law school in Southern California.

The Latin American Institute of Law and Justice officially known in Spanish as Instituto Latinoamericano de Derecho y Justicia is an academic institution that offers four programs in The Americas: the accelerated one year Master of Laws in Spanish (LL.M), ACCESO Capacitación (oral litigation workshops), Concurso Nacional de Juicios Orales en México (Mexican Moot Court) and Red Inocente (Innocence Project).

Master of Law in Spanish (LL.M)

This is an academic program designed for Spanish speaking lawyers, primarily from the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, who look for new opportunities to learn the necessary skills, techniques, and abilities of oral litigation.

Characteristics of the LL.M

  • All 10 classes are entirely offered in Spanish
  • It is a one-year online program which begins annually in August
  • The main focus is to teach litigation skills in the civil and criminal areas
  • Two mandatory in-person conferences in San Diego (in the beginning and at the end)
  • The global cost of the program is $9950.00 (USD) which covers tuition and academic material. Note: The travel, stay and food cost is NOT included for the two mandatory in-person conferences.
  • The Master of Law (LL.M) diploma is issued by CWSL
  • Professors who are lawyers with years of experience in the criminal system of the USA
  • No previous experience in oral litigation is expected from our incoming students

Study Plan

The program consists of ten mandatory classes:

  • US Intro to the Legal System
  • Evidence
  • Legal Skills
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Civil Procedure I
  • Civil Procedures II
  • Civil Procedures Motions
  • Oral Trial I
  • Oral Trial II
  • Forensic Science Seminar


The process begins through registering online on the following website: http://maestria.cwsl.edu/

The prospective student receives an application that must be completed and sent with the additional requirements to Ruby Anaya at ranaya@cwsl.edu


  • The completed application for the program
  • CV and/or resume
  • A scanned copy of the undergraduate degree in law from the home country
  • ID (registration) that shows proof of accreditation as a lawyer in the home country
  • A motivation letter, not more than 500 words which explains the reasons why the postulant is interested in this program

Payment Options

The admitted student must make a $500.00 (USD) deposit payment to secure his/her spot.

The $9450.00 (USD) difference can be paid in full or during the school calendar year on the dates provided by the Financial Department.

We offer a 5% discount to individuals who have taken prior courses offered by ACCESO Capacitación. Those organizations that have a mutual agreement with CWSL also benefit from a 5% discount.

Program taught in:
  • English

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Last updated July 18, 2019
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