Master of Laws (LL.M.)


Program Description

The Master of Laws Program aims to develop lawyers in the principles and procedures of the legal systems of the Anglo-American tradition and civil law tradition.

The LL.M. It is designed for one (1) year of studies to complete the task, which can be extended up to a maximum of two (2) years for well-founded reasons, and consists of twenty-four (24) contact hours.

The School of Law has academic offerings in summer (June-July) and winter (January), so that the student of the Master's Program will be able to take courses with curricular sequences that adjust both to their face-to-face availability in Puerto Rico and to their needs professionals.

In addition, we have an executive format which gives foreign or US students the opportunity to complete the degree by attending summer and winter sessions and taking mini courses in the fall and spring. This format reduces the periods in which students will be out of their countries and jobs.

The professional of the Law that courses the degree of Masters (LL.M.)

  • It will study the two legal systems instituted in most of the world: civilian and Anglo-Saxon. This will position it in a world where the Law is increasingly internationalized.
  • You can adapt your study program according to your areas of interest.
  • You will have the opportunity to interact with professors graduated from the main universities of the world. Some of them, authors of the most important legal treaties in Puerto Rico.
  • It will belong to an active academic community that receives world-class speakers.
  • You will enjoy the opportunity to study at the main Law School of the country at a highly competitive cost, both in Puerto Rico and in the United States.
  • You may request a professional practice revalidation in several jurisdictions in the United States, including New York, Texas, California and Louisiana. Each graduate must verify with the jurisdiction of interest the requirements to take the exam.

Study program

Students who have obtained a bachelor's degree or equivalent degree in Law from an institution of higher education not accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) must take the following required course:

DERE 7668 Structures and Processes of Anglo-American Law and its Interaction with Civil Law (2 credits)

Examination of the institutions, structures and main processes of Anglo-American Law and their interaction with Civil Law. Discussion of the convergence tendencies of both traditions in the structuring of the institutions of economic and political integration.

All students of the Master's Program (LL.M.) must take a research seminar as a requisite course.

Seminar on Advanced Legal Research (2 credits)

The student will choose a seminar on a topic related to their field of study between the seminars offered each semester. The student will develop a research project, as a degree requirement, that will lead to the production of an extensive, publishable monograph, under the supervision and evaluation of the professor who directs the seminar.

Personalized Selection Credits (18-20 credits)

The student will be able to satisfy the remaining 18-20 credits by selecting courses in their areas of interest. The program will be prepared in such a way that each student can concentrate a substantial number of courses on a topic of their choice so that it can be deepened in it, such as: orality in judicial processes; intellectual property; administrative law; judicial training; environmental law; law and technology, among others.

Each student will elaborate his / her study program in close collaboration with his / her Program Coordinator so that due consideration is given to the selection of courses. It is achieved in this way to allow each student greater flexibility in the promotion of their particular interests, in light of their professional needs. Our curriculum presents more than 75 specialized courses and about 20 seminars about our legal profession.

Admission requirements

Every applicant must:

  • Have obtained the Juris Doctor in an institution accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA), the degree or equivalent degree in Law, with an average of B or more, or its equivalent from a foreign university education institution, which based on high standards academic, is fully recognized by the state authorities of the country in which it is located.
  • Have command of the Spanish language and ability to read and understand the English language, proven by satisfactory result in EXADEP or "Test of English as a Foreign Language", known as TOEFL, administered by the Educational Testing Service. Proof of proficiency in the Spanish or English language may be demonstrated if the student demonstrates having studied in one of these languages ​​at a duly accredited university. Special attention will be given to ensure reading ability in English, and comprehension and reading of Spanish. The student must demonstrate his mastery of writing in one of these two languages.
  • Submit the following documentation as an admission requirement:
    • The application for admission to the Law School duly completed.
    • Evidence of having obtained a Juris Doctor or the equivalent degree or degree in Law, as described in the previous column.
    • Two transcripts of all university credits approved or validated by the institution of origin. In those cases in which the university institution of origin is not accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA), the transcripts must be duly authenticated by the competent authorities of the country of the university that issues them.
    • Certify to have studied in the Spanish and / or English language, or the TOEFL results, notified directly by the Educational Testing Service. The results of the EXADEP to demonstrate proficiency in the Spanish language.
    • Letters of recommendation of two professors in Law that describe in detail the academic aptitudes, the professional experience and the character of the applicant.
    • Personal statement that includes the background and personal profile, motivations to study a master's degree in law, areas of interest and professional plans.
    • Turn in the name of the University of Puerto Rico for the amount of $ 75 USD.

Once the applicant meets these requirements, their admission will be conditioned to an evaluation process.

The application for admission must be made in the form provided by the School. The application must be submitted no later than April 15 of the year for which admission is requested. Those interested in starting to study in January or summer sessions, should contact the Program Coordinator to listen to this possibility.

The student admitted to the Program who is not a citizen of the United States of America must request and obtain the corresponding student visa from the Embassy of the United States of his / her country. The University of Puerto Rico will produce the required I-20 Certification for each admitted student. The student, in turn, must complete and submit to the Law School the financial certification that is accompanied with the application for admission, as well as the medical certificate of good health.

Last updated Mar 2020

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