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Program Description



The Programme LL.D. Is an official university degree that addresses the training in legal and social research Its objective is to train in methodological and instrumental competences to develop research projects in the legal and social sciences:

  • To form jurists-researchers capable of undertaking, directing, participating and coordinating researches that propose solutions to the different problems of juridical order posed by the Galician, national and international reality.
  • To allow the doctorate's specialization in its research training within the scope of scientific legal knowledge.
  • Prepare legal research teams to manage and assume academic leadership in their professional or teaching practice, through the application of research methods and techniques in the legal sciences.
  • Propitiate methodologically the training of future university professors, thus responding to the training and scientific needs of the University System.
  • Encouraging the creation of international research networks and addressing legal research from an interdisciplinary perspective that provides a comprehensive training in the field of legal research

Why study the degree

The doctoral studies given by the UDC Law School have not only allowed the legal professionals of the most diverse legal professions (magistrates, judges, lawyers, prosecutors, business advisers, public administration officials, etc.) to be raised to the highest level. ), Thus contributing to the improvement of the exercise of their respective professions, but also provided the academic, scientific and research training of a large part of the people who are currently Professors in the Faculty of Law UDC. In addition, it should be noted that, following the implementation of the Doctor of Law program by the UDC under Royal Decree 1393/2007, the Master's Degree in European Union Studies (MUE) and Business Legal Advising (MAXE) Has become the prelude to doctoral studies, contributing very intensely to completing the period of research training required by future doctors in law.

Lines of investigation

These are the lines of research of this doctoral program:

  • Collaboration, conflict and competition between entrepreneurs
  • Crime and Criminal Justice in the 21st Century
  • Current issues of International and European Law
  • Consumer law and consumer protection
  • Financial Law
  • Roman law
  • Studies of Civil Law (Europe, Spain, Galicia)
  • Political and Constitutional Law Studies
  • Procedural Law Studies: Galicia, Spain, European Union and Ibero-American.
  • Philosophy, Constitution and Rationality
  • Legal and private institutions and their administrative and jurisdictional protection

Specific Training Complements

In case the doctor does not have the complete previous training required in the program, his / her admission to the program may be conditioned to the surpassing of specific training complements, which may be subjects or modules of master and degree. The complements assigned to the same doctorate may not exceed 15 ECTS credits and may be made prior or simultaneous to the tuition in academic tuition in the program.

In case of simultaneous realization the students will have to register for these complements at the moment of formalizing the tuition of academic tutelage in the program, which must be surpassed in the maximum term of three consecutive quarters. Failure to do so will result in student disqualification from the program.


  • Oral and written communication
  • Theory and Practice of Legal Argumentation
  • Methodology of Community Law and Comparative Law
  • Investigation methodology
  • Methodology

Formative Activities of the Program

They will be taught in the first year for full-time students and in the second year for part-time students.

The description of each activity can be found in the program's report

  • Seminar on Contracting Law. Multidisciplinary vision Nº OF HOURS 15
  • Workshop Reimagining the alternatives to prison in Europe Nº OF HOURS 15
  • Seminar on the Challenges of Criminal, Civil and Mercantile Justice in the 21st Century Nº OF HOURS 15
  • Seminar on Legal Issues No. OF HOURS 20
  • Workshop on legal reasoning and criticism of the Law Nº OF HOURS 20
  • Workshop on methodology applied to legal research Nº OF HOURS 20

Professional and academic outputs

  • Teaching and research career
  • Advocacy
  • Legal advice to companies and / or Public Administrations

Recommended profile

Access: In general, for access to the Doctorate in Law program it will be necessary to be in possession of the official Spanish degrees of Degree, or equivalent, and of University Master.

As for the recommended admission profile, students who have been fully trained in the legal branch will have preferential access to the Doctoral Program: Bachelor's Degree or Law Degree + Master's Degree in Law. The Master in Law will be assessed in percentage terms with 60% of the total score to be obtained. The Degree or Degree in Law will be assessed in percentage terms with 40% of the total score to be obtained.

In the second instance, students whose education is included in the legal-social branch, but not in the strict sense of the term, such as Administration and Business Administration or Sociology, may be admitted to the program and, if necessary, In addition, other merits, such as average academic records, officially accredited knowledge of foreign languages, or additional non-regulated training derived from Congresses, Courses, etc.

Last updated Mar 2020

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