PhD in European Law

Charles University Faculty of Law

Program Description

PhD in European Law

Charles University Faculty of Law

The aim of the study programme is to provide a deeper level of knowledge of European law foundations gained during their undergraduate study in Master´s programmes, including theoretical sources of the field, and to become more thoroughly specialised in the relations of European law to the areas of valid domestic law.

Description of the entrance examination and evaluation criteria

The entrance examination is oral, English is the language of the interview in the case of application for the doctoral programme taught in English. Admission of a particular applicant will be decided by the Dean.

The Dean appoints the examination board, whose task is to establish whether the applicant´s scope of knowledge and wider information contexts of the chosen branch are sufficient. Admission exam verifies:

a) intellectual abilities to study the chosen branch and necessary prerequisites for autonomous scholarly work. Knowledge to be proven during the interview should cover at least the scope of the final state examination in the Master´s study programme; in the case of branches not covered by the state examination, the scope of knowledge should be at least within the requirements for the regular examination. The examination board will primarily consider the scope of the applicant´s published scholarly and academic writings (according to the applicant´s list of published or unpublished papers attached to the application); their achievements in the student research projects, their participation in, and presentations at scientific conferences; references by the advisor and reviewer of their defended Master´s thesis; their engagement in the specific university research; their grant projects activities (standard grants, junior grants);

b) quality of a 7-8 page outline of the intended dissertation thesis corresponding to the Programme of the Development of Scholarly Branches at Charles University (PRVOUK); the outline contains the objective of the intended dissertation and the status of the branch at issue as well as an expected contribution of the doctoral thesis to the field under consideration. The outline of the dissertation is within the scope of topics assigned for doctoral thesis by individual departments of the Law Faculty; the selection of an individual topic with the consent of the branch guarantor is permitted.

A brief record of the course of the Examination shall be taken by the Examination Board, evaluating the candidate's level of knowledge in accordance with letter a) above, and also the quality of the submitted project of the candidate's doctoral thesis in accordance with letter b) above.

The record will state whether it is or is not recommended to admit the candidate to be enrolled in the study programme. The recommendation may take into consideration another professional activity of the candidate that is in connection with the chosen field of study (publications in particular).

Conditions for admission

The admission procedure is commenced upon filing the application (timely submission of the application including all the parts and supplements). It is required that the applicant has properly completed the Master's Study Programme and has successfully passed the admission interview.

Information on the exercise of graduates

European Law study programme graduates will be equipped with deep theoretical and methodological foundations of jurisprudence; they should also be specialised in the field of European law (with possible inter-disciplinary relations to international law and constitutional law). Programme graduates can become research workers or university teachers in the discipline of European Law, they can also carry out highly demanding work of lawyers and analysts in the bodies, agencies and institutions of the European Union, as well as in other public bodies, or in the judicial branch. Programme graduates, through examinations and through their doctoral thesis defence in particular, have to prove their ability to carry out independent research work in the main official working languages of the European Union, e.g. English, French, or German.

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Start date
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