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A Doctor of Philosophy can focus on almost any topic across the academic fields. The Ph.D. serves as the highest academic award available at many universities around the globe. The duration of this program can vary significantly, which is why it may take scholars three to six years to complete.

What is a Ph.D. in Administrative Law Studies? This doctoral level of study looks at the impact economics has on the field of law. Students may be expected to participate in lectures, discussions, research projects and dissertations throughout the course of study. The exact courses required for graduation are often different at each university but may be similar to the conservative critique of administrative law, international commercial arbitration, employment discrimination law, bankruptcy, business organizations and corporate taxation.

Participants gain many skills and much knowledge through this program of study that can help them have successful careers and personal lives. For example, students may improve their problem-solving, critical thinking and organization skills. All of these abilities work together to make a person a successful professional.

The cost of a Ph.D. degree can vary significantly based on the school, the program and the duration. Some universities may have slightly different tuitions each year. The best way for applicants to learn more is to contact schools directly.

What type of career can a person with a Ph.D. in Administrative Law Studies expect? There are a variety of potential career options after graduation. In some instances, a person’s opportunities may be dictated by previous experience and other education. Some graduates go on to become law professors, lawyers, legal career advisors, continuing legal education specialists, law journalists and judges. While there are a variety of opportunities within the legal field, some scholars may use this education to start working in corporations, government or nonprofit organizations.

You may be able to enroll in a Ph.D. program at universities around the world. To learn more about your online and on-campus options, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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Phd In Canon Law

L’Université Catholique Du Congo
Campus Full time 4 years February 2018 Congo, DR Kinshasa

The doctoral program can be supplemented by the Agregation of Higher Education in Canon Law. [+]

Created by the National Episcopal Conference of Congo and canonically erected by the Congregation for Catholic Education, the Faculty of Canon Law aims to promote a thorough teaching and rigorous research in canonical science in harmony with Roman law, modern civil law and The African customs.

She thus trained experts in canon law in a spirit of service and full fidelity to the ecclesiastical Magisterium. These experts will also apply to the inculturation of canonical legislation in Africa, "without infringing the divine law and the great discipline of the Church".

In this perspective, the Faculty of Canon Law helps to resolve, at first, the urgent necessity of the African Church: - to provide the faculties, the various ecclesiastical higher institutes and the major seminaries with qualified personnel for the Course of Canon Law; - to put at the disposal of the ecclesiastical courts competent judicial personnel; - to provide the Bishops and Major Superiors of Institutes of Consecrated Life and of Societies of Apostolic Life, specialists who can assist them in their respective governments.... [-]

Official Doctoral Program In Ibero-American Administrative Law

Universidade da Coruña
Campus Full time Part time 3 - 5 years September 2018 Spain A Coruña + 1 more

The Doctorate Program in Ibero-American Administrative Law is an official interuniversity degree that seeks to train doctors in Latin American Public Law, with competencies to develop scientific and professional activities preferably related to Public Administrations. [+]


The program of Doctorate in Ibero-American Administrative Law Is an official interuniversity degree that seeks to train doctors in Latin American Public Law, with competencies to develop scientific and professional activities preferably related to Public Administrations.

Participating Universities:

University of Coruña, Spain (coordinator) University of Montevideo, Uruguay University of Santo Tomás de Aquino de Tunja, Colombia University Hispanoamericana, Nicaragua University Monteávila, Venezuela University of Guanajuato, Mexico University of Veracruz, Mexico National University of the Northeast, Argentina University of Piura, Peru National University of Litoral, Argentina University Free School of Law, Costa Rica Why study the degree ... [-]