PhD in Law Programs in Administrative Law

A PhD is usually a terminal degree that can be obtained after the completion of a master’s degree. PhD is short for “Doctor of Philosophy,” and it qualifies the degree holder to teach at the university level.

What is a PhD in Administrative Law? This degree program offers intensive research and study of a focused area of law. Students in this program deal with complex and detailed information regarding legal codes, regulations, and precedents. The study of administrative law involves legal issues surrounding the functioning of government agencies, and coursework focuses on the details involved in the procedures and operations of these bodies.

Graduates of the PhD program often gain enhanced research and writing skills. Many develop expertise in analysis of details in order to draw conclusions on policy. These skills can translate into many fields and areas of life.

The PhD program differs amongst universities, and the costs are reliant on the location and distinct offerings of the school of choice. A PhD can take from three to five years to complete.

Students who complete the PhD in Administrative Law often find themselves in demand in the workforce due to their specialized knowledge and detailed analysis of law. Career options include teacher of law at the university level, as well as continuing on as a researcher in the discipline. Some graduates work as advocates, consulting and providing legal advice to corporations or public administrations. Other PhD graduates find employment as public administrators or in legal capacities in international settings.

The PhD in Administrative Law can open the doors to many exciting careers. The degree scheme is offered by many universities worldwide. Some are local, and others are online programs so a student can choose the best option for his or her needs. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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Official doctoral program in Ibero-American administrative law

Universidade da Coruña
3&nbsp;-&nbsp;5 years

The Doctorate Program in Ibero-American Administrative Law is an official interuniversity degree that seeks to train doctors in Latin American Public Law, with competencies to ...

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