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Graduates from PhD in Law programs have found themselves in a variety of careers including researchers, professors, and policy makers. Those who hold a PhD in Law are more likely to get leadership positions in humanitarian organizations, government and commerce, and high courts. 

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Official Doctoral Program In Law

Universidade da Coruña
Campus Full time Part time 3 - 5 years September 2017 Spain A Coruña + 1 more

The Doctorate in Law program is an official university degree that deals with legal and social research training. [+]

PhDs in Constitutional Law. Introduction The Programme LL.D. Is an official university degree that addresses the training in legal and social research Its objective is to train in methodological and instrumental competences to develop research projects in the legal and social sciences: To form jurists-researchers capable of undertaking, directing, participating and coordinating researches that propose solutions to the different problems of juridical order posed by the Galician, national and international reality. To allow the doctorate's specialization in its research training within the scope of scientific legal knowledge. Prepare legal research teams to manage and assume academic leadership in their professional or teaching practice, through the application of research methods and techniques in the legal sciences. Propitiate methodologically the training of future university professors, thus responding to the training and scientific needs of the University System. Encouraging the creation of international research networks and addressing legal research from an interdisciplinary perspective that provides a comprehensive training in the field of legal research Why study the degree The doctoral studies given by the UDC Law School have not only allowed the legal professionals of the most diverse legal professions (magistrates, judges, lawyers, prosecutors, business advisers, public administration officials, etc.) to be raised to the highest level. ), Thus contributing to the improvement of the exercise of their respective professions, but also provided the academic, scientific and research training of a large part of the people who are currently Professors in the Faculty of Law UDC. In addition, it should be noted that,... [-]