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8 Perfect Present Ideas for Law Students

8 Perfect Present Ideas for Law Students

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If you’re Christmas shopping for that special law student in your life but drawing a big old blank on what to buy, isn’t it time you stopped browsing for neckties and started looking for things he/she can really use? We’re here to help! Read on for our last-minute guide to eight gifts -- at a variety of price points -- that your favorite lawyer-in-training will love.

1. A lawyer-worthy pen

We may be living in the digital age, but a good, old-fashioned pen is still an important lawyer tool -- after all, signing documents goes with the lawyer territory. And while there’s a time and place for trusty BICs, every lawyer needs at least one fancy pen to dress up his/her desk. Today’s fountain pens are easier to use than ever thanks to ink cartridges.

Less expensive fountain pens can be found for as little as $10, but if you’ve got deep pockets, spring for a Tiffany or Montblanc -- extra points for engraving.

2. A gift card to a clothing store

Comfy sweats and yoga pants may be the go-to everyday wardrobe of the typical law student, but with internships, interviews, and a full-time job on the horizon, the time will come for an upgrade to professional attire. Help him/her be ready for whatever occasion is coming with a gift card to his/her favorite store.

3. “Law School in a Box

At less than 15 bucks, this adorable gift courtesy of Mental_Floss magazine offers “all the prestige [of law school] for a fraction of the cost.” Law students will enjoy this cute collection, including a “comprehensive” law school textbook in just 96 pages; “Heroes of the Courtroom” trading cards; a bar exam trivia challenge; and a “rolled college diploma with real Latin words” - all packaged up into a handsome metal box. It may not deliver the “complete legal education” it promises, but it’s sure to deliver a laugh.

4. A briefcase

Toss aside your vision of the fussy, 1970s-era briefcase aside and think style, instead. From soft-sided shoulder bags to retro messenger satchels, there are near-endless options when it comes to choosing a sensible yet chic tote for any polished law practitioner. Can’t decide? A gift card never fails.

5. A coffee mug

Most law students run on caffeine, so why not provide the perfect vessel from which to sip their chosen beverage? From “World’s Okayest Lawyer” cuts to heat-changing mugs that display the winners of famous court cases when hot liquid is added, an astonishing selection of law-themed mugs is out there just waiting to be gifted.

If you’re buying for someone who is more practical than punny, meanwhile, an insulated travel mug is handy for keeping hot drinks hot for on-the-go law students.

For a themed gift, consider throwing in the coffee -- or a coffee shop gift card -- to go along with it.

6. Business cards

Some law schools provide business cards to their students, but where’s the fun in that? In today’s intensely competitive legal world, high-quality cards can help aspiring lawyers stand out from the rest. Even better? Let recipients create their own luxe business cards with a MOO gift card.

7. Noise canceling-headphones

From slogging through massive quantities of reading for their law courses to prepping for the bar exam, law students do a lot of studying. Unfortunately, distractions from the outside world can interfere with the ability to concentrate. Help them minimize disruptions and maximize productivity with the gift that keeps on giving: noise-canceling headphones.

8. Cold hard cash

It may not be the most original gift, but we can promise you: No money-strapped law student is going to complain about the gift of green. Whether they use the money to pay for books or for a fun night out on the town, gift-givers can feel great knowing the funds are being put to use to the recipient’s precise specifications.

Gift buying can be stressful - especially when you factor the tastes of discerning future lawyers into the mix. Whether you’re looking for something small yet significant or a big-ticket item, these eight appropriate and thoughtful presents are a wonderful way to show a lawyer some love (or like) this holiday season.

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