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6 Certificate Programs in Law Studies Criminal Law Studies 2024



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Certificate Programs in Law Studies Criminal Law Studies

An academic certificate is a qualification or document, generally given in secondary education, that indicates completion of a specific course of study or exam. For example, a certificate program may run previous to an associate degree or a postgraduate certificate may be earned after completion of a bachelor’s degree.

What is a certificate in criminal law studies? This certificate program provides broad exposure to topics related to criminal law professions. This area of academic concentration may take about a year to complete with classwork covering topics such as criminal law, evidence gathering, and policy and procedures. Participants in the program may study topics such as children in the legal system, the Fourth Amendment, white collar crime, federal trial procedures and sentencing laws.

Those who earn a certificate in criminal law studies tend to leave the program with improved organizational and communication skills that can be helpful in many parts of life, both personal and professional. Additionally, students generally leave the program with a deeper understanding of the law.

As with other college programs, the costs of attendance in a certificate program will be different from one institution to another. Factors influencing cost may include the length of the program, the country where the school is situated and whether students have earned scholarships or grants.

Careers in criminal law studies are often available in prosecutor offices and similar locations. Many graduating students find positions as public interest litigators, public defenders, criminal defense attorneys, police officers, probation officers or law clerks. The broad course of study often prepares students to pursue further studies that lead to high-paying careers as prosecutors and judges. Other related jobs include those of forensic science technician, private detective, crime scene investigator and security guard.

Schools around the world offer certificate programs, so interested students may find academic opportunities near them. Other options could include taking classes online or participating in a program in another country. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.