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Certificate Programs in Law Studies International Law Studies Environmental Law

Most certificate programs, which focus on a narrow subject, require participants to already have completed some type of degree. Professionals often choose to go back for a certificate to become experts in their fields. On average, it takes a year to complete a certificate program.

What is a certificate in environmental law? It is the study of environmental law that looks at regulations, laws, treaties and statutes that review how human activity affects the environment. Participants may learn how to enforce these laws and treaties. Certificate programs may use a variety of learning tools, such as examinations, lectures, workshops and group projects, to help scholars better understand environmental laws. The exact courses involved in the program can vary from school to school but may be similar to energy law, environmental commercial transactions, comparative environmental law and animal law.

This education can help participants build scenario-analysis and communication skills while also building self-awareness. These skillsets can lead to productive personal lives, high starting salaries and fast promotions.

Each school is able to set its own price for certificate programs. For this reason, applicants need to contact universities directly to learn about tuition estimates.

Many students who earn a certificate in environmental law choose to enter the workforce as an environmental lawyer. However, this is not the only potential career path. Other graduates have used this unique education to go on to become policymakers, professors, judges, advisors, consultants, researchers and journalists. This certificate can even lead to more education through a master’s or PhD program. The exact outcome will depend on the previous work history and other education of students.

You can get a certificate at trade schools and universities around the world. Some programs may even be offered online. Ready to apply or get more information? Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.