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What is a Law Degree in Hong Kong?

The education of lawyers in Hong Kong occurs at the university level. Those who wish to work in other areas of law, including legal executives and paralegals will not enroll in traditional law school, but will take law specializations within their university programs. In September of 2008 the country moved to a four year Bachelor of Law program (LLB). Prior to this, the course took only three years. If you are an oversea candidate for the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws, it is necessary for individuals to take exams prior to being admitted into any law school.

Law Higher Education in Hong Kong

Getting education in law studies in Hong Kong is a requirement for anyone who wishes to practice in the country. International studies are encouraged to enroll in Hong Kong universities and law schools, though there is competition for available spots. Students need to gain acceptance into the school prior to being able to obtain the necessary visa for travel.

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About Hong Kong

The country of Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Regions of China. It is located just off the coast of China near the South China Sea. With a strong GDP and growing economy, the country is one of the most important in the region. For those who are interested in studying law and in attending higher education in Hong Kong, there are various options available . In this culturally important area, with outstanding economic freedom and competitiveness, there is a growing need for qualified professionals.

There is some competition in Hong Kong for higher positions within the legal system, but well-qualified professionals are likely to find a good job here. To do so, though, individuals must obtain their legal education directly from an accredited Hong Kong law school and sit for the bar exam conducted in the country itself.

What Is the Law System in Hong Kong?

The legal system in Hong Kong uses a constitution that provides for the basic laws of the country. It uses the principle of "one country, two systems." It is a type of legal system that is based on English common law, but there is also a significant amount of local legislation in place here. The Laws of Hong Kong is different from the laws in place in China, though. Unlike China, Hong Kong uses a law system similar to that found in England and Wales.

The most common professions in law in Hong Kong are barristers, practicing solicitors, local law firm employees, and registered foreign lawyers. The Law Society of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Bar Association are the main legal bodies in the country for solicitors and barristers.